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Auktion: Sporting: 20th & 21st November 2007
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The B.A.R.C. plaque commemorating the

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The B.A.R.C. plaque commemorating the completion of the Aintree circuit, in electroplated silver, featuring the club's motif raised within a decorative border and inscribed PRESENTED TO MRS M.D. TOPHAM BY THE BRITISH AUTOMOBILE CLUB TO COMMEMORATE THE COMPLETION OF THE MOTOR RACING CIRCUIT AT AINTREE 20TH MAY 1954, held on a wooden base, 15 by 19cm., 6 by 7½in.; together with a circular electroplated silver ashtray from the club-house bar, engraved with a labelled map of the Aintree motor race circuit, diameter 12.5cm., 5in. (2) appendix A COLLECTION OF MEMORABILIA RELATING TO THE TOPHAM FAMILY, FORMER OWNERS OF AINTREE RACECOURSE AND MOTOR RACING CIRCUIT. LOTS 24 TO 133 THE TOPHAM FAMILY LEGACY : THE "GRAND NATIONAL" - THE "BLUE RIBAND" OF STEEPLECHASING AND MOTOR RACING - FIVE BRITISH GRAND PRIX In 1829 a William Lynn, proprietor of the Waterloo Hotel, Liverpool, leased land from the Second Earl of Sefton and began staging flat race meetings at Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool. He was soon attracted to the growing public interest in "steeplechasing" and following negotiations with the local farmers inaugurated jumping races with the running of the "Great Liverpool Chase" in 1837 and again in 1838. These initial jumping races took place at Maghull the neighbouring parish to Aintree. Lynn then transferred the venue for the 1839 race to Aintree, but resigned from the management of the race and handed over leadership of the race committee to local notables including the Earls of Derby and Sefton and Lord Robert Grosvenor. A new syndicate was formed to stage the race of which Edward William Topham was a member. Thus began the Topham family's connection with the race and its first authentic running at Aintree on 26th February 1839. The family remained in control through three generations for 125 years. Such a long association of one family with a premier sporting event is unusual if not unparalleled. Edward W Topham, had earlier moved in 1837 from Middleham, Yorkshire to take over as Clerk of the Course and Handicapper at Chester racecourse into which he injected "new life". By 1839 he had become so absorbed with the potential at Aintree that he handed over his duties at Chester to his two sons Christopher R Topham and Joseph B Topham. The first few races at Aintree were either "weight for age" contests or all the horses carried 12 stone. In 1843 Edward W Topham changed the race to a handicap. He had become renowned for his handicapping skills which earned him the name of "The Wizard". He simultaneously changed the name of the race to "The Liverpool and National Steeplechase" and in 1847 changed it again to "The Grand National" a handicap steeplechase. Mr Topham had built stables and other facilities on adjacent land which he had purchased himself when realising the possibilities of Aintree. He revitalised the place, adding to, and greatly improving the buildings and the general layout of the course. In 1848 he took over the lease from William Lynn and in 1856 Mr Topham took over the management of the race. By that time the Topham family had become very closely identified with Aintree, the two names being almost synonymous, but throughout they had also enjoyed the support of the Earls of Sefton and Derby and the association of these families was a "tower of strength" to Aintree Racecourse. Edward W Topham died in 1873 and his two sons Christopher Reuben Topham and Joseph Bell Topham jointly took over the management of Aintree. Christopher had three children and died in 1898. Joseph had fourteen children of whom eight died in childbirth or shortly thereafter. He continued managing Aintree until his death in 1910 when his eldest son Edward Anthony Christopher Topham took charge. Edward A.C. Topham held the reins at Tophams for 22 years in which time he significantly enhanced the popularity of the Grand National at both home and abroad. Edward A.C. Topham had two children: Mark C. Topham, whose son Christopher is serving today in the Br

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