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Auktion: The Upfill-Brown Collection (4 December 1991)
wurde versteigert am: 4. Dezember 1991
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The AA Upfill-Brown Collection An

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The AA Upfill-Brown Collection An extremely rare Matabeleland D.S.O. group to Brigadier-General R. H. F. MeCulloch, Royal Artillery THE MOST DISTINGUISHED ORDER OF ST. MICHAEL AND ST. GEORGE, C.M.G., neck badge, in silver-gilt and enamel; DISTINGUISHED SERVICE ORDER, V. R., in silver-gilt and enamel; BRITISH SOUTH AFRICA COMPANY MEDAL 1890-97, reverse Rhodesia 1896 (Lieut., RA.); QUEEN'S SOUTH AFRICA 1899-1902, 2 clasps, Cape Colony, South Africa 1901 (Capt., D.S.O., R. A.), surname officially corrected; 1914 MONS STAR (Major, D.S.O., R. G. A.); BRITISH WAR and VICTORY MEDALS (Brig. Gen.); France, LEGION OF HONOUR, Officer's breast badge, in gold and enamel; Italy, ORDER OF ST. MAURICE AND ST. LAZARUS, Officer's breast badge, in gold andenamel, badly chipped; France, CROIX DE GUERRE 1914-1917, mounted for wearing excepting the first, very fine and better(10) Footnote D.S.O., London Gazette, 7 May, 1897, 'In recognition of services in the recent operations in South Africa, 1896.' Brigadier-General Robert Henry Frederick McCulloch was born in October 1869 and joined the Royal Artillery in 1888, receiving promotion to Lieutenant in 1891. He commanded a section of 10 Mountain Battery, R. A., during the Matabeleland operations of 1896, was slightly wounded, mentioned in despatches and awarded the D.S.O. In his report, Major-General F. Carrington stated that McCulloch 'worked his gun with great coolness and steadiness when the enemy were in force within 50 yards of him in theattack on Sikimbo on 5 August 1896. He remained with his gun after having been wounded.' McCulloch's section had been operating in coordination with a force of men raised by the British South Africa Company. He had already witnessed a great deal of fighting during the advance on Bulawayo, which culminated with the capture of the Matabele strong holds in the Matoppo Hills. The incident referred to in Major-General Carrington's report was probably the biggest of the campaign, five Impis being attacked by a combined Imperial Force of 800 men. The enemy were completely routed. However, at the outset of the action, when McCulloch and another gunner subaltern were ordered to detach themselves from the main force, and set up position on a ridge, the fast moving Matabele swept in for the kill, creeping up gullies under the cover of the bush. But for the prompt actions of McCulloch and his compatriot, it is probable the detachment would have been wiped out. Promoted to Captain in 1899, McCulloch served throughout most of the Boer War as D. A. A. G. on the lines of communication in Cape Colony. He afterwards became a Divisional and Militia Adjutant and held the rank of Major by the outbreak of hostilities in 1914. Picked out for command of heavy artillery, he held several senior positions, ultimately as Brigadier-General, Heavy Artillery, 11 Army Corps, France. He was created a C.M.G. in 1918, twice mentioned in despatches and decorated by the French and Italians. The General retired in 1921 and died in Hayling Island, Hampshire, on 16 October 1946. Only 7 D.S.O.'s for this campaign, this being unique to the Royal Artillery for the operations in Matabeleland, Rhodesia and Mashonaland 1893-1897.

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Titel: The Upfill-Brown Collection (4 December 1991)
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