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Taylor 1963 (5 bts) and Believed Taylor 1963 (7 bts) Taylor 1963 (5 bts) and Believed Taylor 1963 (7 bts) 5 x Berry Brothers & Rudd metal capsules: u. 1bn, remains of soiled labels, 1 with vintage legible, 1 partially legible, 3 illegible and believed 1963, 2 corks slightly raised; 2 x plain metal capsules: u. 1bn, 1hs, remains of soiled labels, 1 with vintage partially legible, 1 illegible, both believed 1963; 2 x Taylor embossed wax capsules: u. 2bn, 1 capsule with vintage legible - this bottle with soiled remains of label, 1 vintage illegible - this bottle label missing and believed 1963; 1 x badly corroded and damaged plain metal capsule: level into neck, intact label soiled and slightly nicked; 1 x remains of Sandeman wax capsule: u. bn, Gough Brothers Ltd, London SW12 typed label soiled and slightly damaged; 1 x embossed wax capsule damaged and illegible: u. ms, Charles Kinloch & Co Ltd, London NW10 label soiled, scuffed and torn, signs of old seepage, believed 1963 In 2016, this remains a landmark, with great backbone, fruit and layers. There is still a touch of the 1963 spirity character, but the flavours are so flamboyant that they dominate, especially with long decanting time. A huge wine of real definition, now with a soft landing and winning charm - patience pays off with Port. Serena Sutcliffe, MW Lot 469 12 bts (cn) per lot: GBP 1200-1600 per lot: USD 1500-2000 per lot: EUR 1300-1700 LYING IN GREENFORD, MIDDLESEX Offered Duty Paid only Quantity: 1

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Auktionshaus: Sotheby's
Titel: Finest and Rarest Wines, Spirits and Vintage Port Featuring an Important Private Collection
Auktionsdatum: 20.09.2017
Adresse: Sotheby's