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Stravinsky, Igor

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Stravinsky, Igor AUTOGRAPH WORKING MANUSCRIPT OF PART OF "L'OISEAU DE FEU" ("THE FIREBIRD"), SIGNED ("IGOR STRAVINSKY"), [1909] comprising two early drafts for no.3 ['Apparition de L'Oiseau de feu, poursuivi par Ivan Tsarévitch'], about half the movement, including the opening and the "Vivo" section, the full score notated in black ink, red and blue crayon and pencil, on up to twenty-four staves per page, with annotations and deletions in crayon (calligraphic instrumental markings in red, bar-lines in blue), with the orchestration complete, including the clarinetto piccolo, bass clarinet, celesta, 3 harps, cymbals and divisi strings: 1) a pencil draft of the opening twelve bars [Figures 3 to 5], the instruments designated at the start, with figurations in black ink for divisi violins and violas deleted on the second page, the cymbal part coloured in red crayon, only the first violin partly written in ink, and on the last page the strings marked in blue crayon, the last page uncompleted, 3 pages, with, starting on the verso of the second leaf: 2) an ink draft, marked "Vivo", comprising fifteen bars [Figures 7 to two bars after Figure 9], the instrumental designations in red crayon, with deletions and alterations in ink, including the first version of the second page deleted in red crayon and re-written above, the last page uncompleted, signed by the composer over the penultimate page, 3 pages, the first page on two systems of 4 and 19 staves; 6 pages in all, folio ( c. 35.5 x 26cm), a single leaf and a bifolium, 24-stave paper, the signature in blue added later, [St Petersburg, November 1909 to January 1910], overall browning and some splitting at folds,

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