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Auktion: Orders, Decorations and Medals (25 February 2015)
wurde versteigert am: 25. Februar 2015
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Sold by order of a direct descendant The

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Sold by order of a direct descendant The important ‘Tel-el-Kebir’ C.B., India service C.S.I, and Crimean War Al Valore Militare group awarded to Major-General William Earle, Grenadier Guards, late 49th Foot, given command of the River Column on the Nile Expedition he led the attack at the battle of Kirbekan and was killed in action at the moment of victory The Most Honourable Order of the Bath, C.B. (Military) Companion’s breast badge, 18 carat gold and enamels, hallmarked London 1881, complete with swivel-ring suspension and gold ribbon buckle; The Most Exalted Order of the Star of India, C.S.I., Companion’s breast badge, gold, silver and enamels with central onyx cameo of a youthful Queen Victoria, the motto of the Order set with small diamonds, suspended from a five-pointed silver star and gold ribbon bar, top suspension bar removed for mounting; Crimea 1854-55, 3 clasps, Alma, Inkermann, Sebastopol (Captain William Earle. 49th Regiment) regimentally impressed naming; Al Valore Militare (Captain William Earle, 49th Regt.); Order of the Medjidie, 5th Class breast badge, silver, gold and enamel, the reverse inscribed ‘William Earle Grenadier Guards’; Turkish Crimea, Sardinian issue (William Earle, Grenadier Guards); Egypt & Sudan 1882-89, 3 clasps, Tel-el-Kebir, The Nile 1884-85, Kirbekan (Maj: Genl. W. Earle. C.S.I.); Khedive’s Star 1882; Order of the Medjidie, 2nd Class set of insignia, comprising neck badge and breast star, silver, gold and enamel, some chips to red enamel on the star, the first six mounted as worn on a contemporary wearing bar, all contained in a purpose made glass fronted display case, the earlier campaign medals with contact marks, nearly very fine, otherwise generally extremely fine (10) £18000-22000 Footnote William Earle was born on 18 May 1833, third son of Sir Hardman Earle of Allerton Tower, Lancashire, the head of an old Liverpool family, who was created a baronet in 1869. Educated at Winchester, he was commissioned as Ensign in the 49th Foot on 17 October 1851. He was promoted Lieutenant on 6 June 1854, and in that year accompanied his regiment to the Crimea, where it formed part of Pennefather's brigade in the 2nd division under Sir De Lacy Evans. He served with that regiment throughout the Crimean war, and was present at the battle of the Alma, the repulse of the Russian sortie on 26 October, the battle of Inkermann, and the attack on the Redan on 18 June 1855. For his services he received the Crimean medal with three clasps, the Sardinian and Turkish medals, and the fifth class of the order of the Medjidie. During the campaign, on 16 February 1855, he had been promoted Captain, and on its conclusion in 1856 he exchanged into the Grenadier Guards as Lieutenant and Captain. On 28 April 1863, he was promoted Captain and Lieutenant-Colonel, and on 21 July of the following year he married Mary, second daughter of General Sir William John Codrington He found no difficulty in getting plenty of staff employment, and was Assistant Military Secretary to General Sir W. J. Codrington, Governor of Gibraltar, from 1859 to 1860. He was Brigade-Major in Nova Scotia in 1862 and 1863, and Military Secretary to General Sir C. H. Doyle, commanding in North America, from 1865 to 1872. On 20 May 1868, he was promoted Colonel, and in 1872 he accompanied Lord Northbrook to India as a Military Secretary, and remained in that capacity until 1876, when he returned with his chief, and was made a C.S.I. In 1878 he became a Major in the Grenadier Guards, and on 31 October 1880, was promoted Major-General, and at once appointed to the command at Shorncliffe, from which he was transferred in 1881 to the command of the 2nd Infantry Brigade at Aldershot. In 1882 he was sent to Egypt, and placed in command of the garrison of Alexandria, and remained during Lord Wolseley's campaign of Tel-el-Kebir in that position. For his services in the defence of Alexandria he was made a C.B., and he was also rewarded by the Khedive with th

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