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Shakespeare (William) A Collection of Poems, 2 vol. in 1, for Bernard Lintott, [1710-11].

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Shakespeare (William) A Collection of Poems, 2 vol. in 1, first collected edition, foxed and browned, contemporary sheep, corners repaired, rubbed, preserved in modern morocco-backed cloth drop-back box, 8vo, for Bernard Lintott, [1710-11]. ⁂ Effectively the earliest obtainable printing of Shakespeare's major poetry, combining the complete uncorrupted text of the 1609 Sonnets with Lucrece and Venus and Adonis. Benson's 1640 edition of Shakespeare's Poems lacked both Lucrece and Venus and Adonis and its text of the Sonnets was both incomplete and bowdlerised - combining poems, mixing masculine and feminine pronouns etc. - but Lintott referred back to the original 1609 edition of the Sonnets, correcting Benson's mistakes and including the two longer poems for the first time. Volume 1 was originally published separately with a title-page dated 1709; when Lintott completed the second volume a new general title was issued and the dating of the parts altered. Rare and important.

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