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Auktion: 2005, Furniture & Decorative Arts / May 27-28
wurde versteigert am: 26. Mai 2005
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Rare Family Group of Eight Miniature Portraits,

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all watercolor on paper and appear to retain their original, matching, moulded and ebonized frames. Charming portrayals of members of the Waller-Lewis family, including: John Waller, b. 1770, who is seated in an empire chair, holding a document, and wearing a blue coat and spectacles; Kensington Lewis, 1787-1854, sitting in a tablet-top chair, holding a book, and wearing a black suit; Harriet Sara Lewis, 1790-1860, sitting in an empire chair and holding a book, and she's wearing a white empire dress with blue trim; Harriet Mary Lewis, 1812-1882, a young girl, wearing a white dress and holding her doll; Waller Augustus Lewis, 1815-1882, a young boy, wearing a dress and holding a riding crop; Harold Kensington Lewis, 1818-1869, also a young boy wearing a dress, but he's holding a toy; Julia Fanny Lewis, 1820-1890, a cute child, sitting on a federal sofa and holding her kitty; and finally, an older woman wearing a red dress and holding a needlework pocket identified as Mrs. Lewis's Mother. An extraordinary group. American, ca 1820-1840; all 6" x 4" (w/o frame), 9" x 6" (w/frame). Condition: All with light toning, cracks to some frames, not removed from frames; VG.

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Auktionshaus: Cowan's Auctions, Inc.
Titel: 2005, Furniture & Decorative Arts / May 27-28
Auktionsdatum: 26.05.2005
Adresse: Cowan's Auctions, Inc.
Este Ave 6270
OH 45232 Cincinnati
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