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Auktion: Rare Books, Maps, Manuscripts & Photographs
wurde versteigert am: 9. Oktober 2019
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(Rare Books, Maps, Manuscripts

Schätzpreis: 300 £ - 400 £
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(Rare Books, Maps, Manuscripts & Photographs, 9th October 2019) JACOBITE UPRISINGS 57 BOOKS, INCLUDING Chambers, Robert Jacobite Memoirs of the Rebellion of 1745. Edinburgh: William & Robert Chambers, 1834. 8vo, original cloth; Tayler, Alistair & Henrietta 1715: The Story of the Rising. London: Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd., 1936. First edition, 8vo, original red cloth gilt; Mounsey, Gill, editor Carlisle in 1745, Authentic Account of the Occupation of Carlisle in 1745. London: Longman an Co., 1846. 8vo, original cloth gilt rebacked; Eardley-Simpson, L. Derby and the Forty-Five. [London]: Philip Allan, 1933. 8vo, original blue cloth gilt; Chambers, C.E.S. The Woodhouselee MS. London: W. & R. Chambers, 1907. 8vo, red cloth; Forbes, J. MacBeth Jacobite Gleanings from state Manuscripts... Edinburgh: Oliphant, Anderson and Ferrier, 1903. 8vo, original red cloth gilt; Burton, John Hill Lives of Simon Lord Lovat, and Duncan Forbes, of Culloden. London: Chapman and Hall, 1847. 8vo, original brown cloth gilt; and 50 others, sold not subject to return (57)

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Auktionshaus: Lyon & Turnbull
Titel: Rare Books, Maps, Manuscripts & Photographs
Auktionsdatum: 09.10.2019
Adresse: Lyon & Turnbull