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Auktion: Rare Books, Maps, Manuscripts & Photographs
wurde versteigert am: 9. Oktober 2019
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(Rare Books, Maps, Manuscripts

Schätzpreis: 300 £ - 400 £
ca. 373 $ - 497 $
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(Rare Books, Maps, Manuscripts & Photographs, 9th October 2019) 1715 & 1745 RISINGS, A COLLECTION OF 15 BOOKS AND PAMPHLETS, BOUND IN 7 VOLUMES, INCLUDING [WOGAN, SIR CHARLES] FEMALE FORTITUDE EXEMPLIFY'D... Seizure, Escape and Marriage of the Princess Clementina Sobiesky. London: Printed in the year 1722, [ESTC T75478], first line of title and some page numerals cropped; [Anon.] Remarks upon a Jacobite Pamphlet.. entitled Female Fortitude. London: J. Roberts, [?1722], [ESTC N12695]; Amhurst, N. An Epistle from the Princess Sobieski to the Chevalier de St. George. London: E. Curll, 1719, [ESTC T32819], presentation copy from the author; [Anon.] Lovat's Ghost or the Courtier's Warning-piece. London: B. Moore, 1747, [ESTC N3047]; [Anon.] A Free Examination of a Modern Romance, intitled Memoirs of the Life of Lord Lovat. London: W. Webb, 1746, [ESTC T4556]; Cameron, Archibald Copy of what Dr. Archibald Cameron intended to have delivered. London: Printed in the Year 1753, [ESTC T34168]; Murray, John Genuine Memoirs of... late Secretary to the Young Pretender. London: J. Wilford, 1747, [ESTC T34168]; another copy. Dublin: James Esdall, 1747; "Atticus" A Congratulatory Letter to John Murray. London: W. Webb, 1747, [ESTC T87627], [Anon.] True Copies of the Papers wrote by Arthur Lord Balmerino... at the places of their Execution. London, 1746, [ESTC N27651], 9 works in one volume, 19th century calf, spine labelled "Historical Tracts... Clementina Sobiesky, Lord Lovat"; The London Magazine. London, 1747. 8vo, folding maps, modern calf gilt; [Mitchell, M.] Young Juba or the History of the Young Chevalier. London, 1748. 8vo, modern calf, lacks plates; Mitchell, M. Young Juba. London, 1748, 2 engraved plates [? only], half calf, worn; [Burnet, Sir Thomas] Some Farther Proofs, whereby it appears that the Pretender is truly James the Third. London: M. Cooper, 1745. modern boards, [ESTC T146664]; [Henderson, Andrew] The History of the Rebellion, 1745 and 1746. London: Reprinted, 1748, modern boards, [ESTC N246]; [Anon.] The Young Chevalier. London: for the author, [?1748], 19th century half calf, worn, [ESTC T52876] (7)

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Auktionshaus: Lyon & Turnbull
Titel: Rare Books, Maps, Manuscripts & Photographs
Auktionsdatum: 09.10.2019
Adresse: Lyon & Turnbull