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Auktion: Auction 23.04.2002
wurde versteigert am: 23. April 2002
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Schätzpreis: 20.000 £ - 30.000 £
ca. 28.850 $ - 43.276 $
Zuschlagspreis:  21.510 £
ca. 31.029 $
Los-Nr. 12, Aufrufe: 6

QUR'AN Copied in Bayt Lahm (Bethlehem), AH 13 Rabi' I 804/21 October 1401 AD Manuscript on cream paper, 178ff. with 21ll. of tiny black naskh , sura headings in gold, basmallah in tiny Eastern kufic , margins with gold palmette every fifth verse, red, blue and gold roundel every tenth verse, juz marked in gold in the margins, text outlined with red rules, opening illuminated bifolium with the titles in silver against panels of scrolling gold arabesques, preceded by illuminated bifolium inscribed above in sepia maghribi by a previous owner in Tunis and dated 1098, final folio with colophon signed by the scribe Mir Hajj ibn Sheikh 'Ali al-Husayn al-Iraqi and dated 13 Rabi' I 804 in the town of Bayt Lahm, generally good condition, brown morocco Mamluk style binding with flap Folio 4¾ x 3½in. (12 x 8.6cm.)

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Christie's
Titel: Auction 23.04.2002
Auktionsdatum: 23.04.2002
Adresse: Christie's
London, King Street