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Auktion: Auction 12.12.2000
wurde versteigert am: 12. Dezember 2000
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Press Clippings And Sheet Music

Schätzpreis: 300 £ - 500 £
ca. 438 $ - 731 $
Zuschlagspreis:  2.585 £
ca. 3.781 $
Los-Nr. 145, Aufrufe: 14

Press Clippings And Sheet Music A collection of news clippings, magazines and periodicals, including: twenty-six scrap books of clippings, various dates, 1925-1961; a book of cuttings labelled 1st American Tour, October-December 1949 ; a book of cuttings labelled Margot Fonteyn, Australian Tour, 1957 ; a quantity of loose clippings, various dates, 1951-1980; fourteen issues of The Royal Academy Of Dancing Gazette , 1962-1990; twenty-two issues of Dancing Times , 1914-1964; and various other magazines and periodicals, some depicting Margot Fonteyn on the cover, various dates, 1940s-1980s; accompanied by twenty-two 16mm tapes of various productions and performances, the boxes inscribed with various titles including Sleeping Beauty I, Sleeping Beauty II, Cape Town Swan lake and Royal Opera House/Ondine/Dame Margot's Copy ; and a quantity of sheet music, some printed, some hand-written, titles include: Giselle, Le Corsaire, Don Quixote and Swan Lake (a lot) The 16mm tapes are offered for sale without copyright, broadcast rights, performer's consents, and other reproduction rights. The buyer must apply to the relevant parties to obtain such clearance and consents as may be necessary

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Christie's
Titel: Auction 12.12.2000
Auktionsdatum: 12.12.2000
Adresse: Christie's
London, South Kensington