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PRESIDENTS.] Fourteen framed items, 19th

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PRESIDENTS.] Fourteen framed items, 19th and 20th centuries. PIERCE, Franklin K. Partly printed document signed (“Franklin Pierce”), 19 August 1853. Counter-signed by Secretary of State William L. Marcy. 1 page, folio, paper Great Seal of the United States. Matted and framed with engraved portrait of Pierce. A four-language ship’s paper, French Spanish, English and Dutch, for the ship George Washington, captained by Granville S. Allen, out of Fairhaven, Massachusetts bearing “provisions, stores and utensils for a whaling voyage to the Pacific Ocean.” -- TYLER, John. Partly printed document signed (“John Tyler”), as President, counter-signed by Secretary of State Daniel Webster (“Danl. Webster”), 7 June 1843. 1 page, folio (16 x 19 ¾in.) Matted and framed (frame 24 x 39 ½in.) A four-language ship’s passport (French, Spanish, English, Dutch), for the whaler Ann Maria, Captain John Carr, out of Fall River, Massachusetts, bound for the Indian Ocean. -- WILSON, Woodrow. DS, as President, 18 January 1916. 1p., folio. Framed. Appointing Tillman D. Johnson as Federal Judge for District of Utah. -- HOOVER, Herbert. DS, 9 July 1932. 1 page, folio . With paper Great Seal of the United States at lower left. Matted and framed. Recognizing the appointment of Luis Careaga Echevarria as Spanish consul to the United States for the region comprising Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma. -- FORD, Gerald R. Printed DS, 9 August 1974. Illustrated reproduction of the text of Ford’s Inaugural Address upon becoming President following the resignation of Richard M. Nixon. “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over. Our Constitution works…” -- JOHNSON, Andrew. DS, 5 November 1866. 1p., folio, paper Great Seal of the United States. Matted and framed. Appointing Edward Lee Plumb head of the U.S. legation at Mexico City. -- BUCHANAN, James. DS, 26 February 1861. 1p., 4to. Matted and framed . Order to affix the seal on the Convention between U.S. and Venezuela, signed at Valencia 14 January 1859. -- ROOSEVELT, Theodore. TLS (“Theodore Roosevelt”), as President, to John Proctor Clarke, 27 May 1905. 1p., 4to, White House stationery. Matted and framed . Inquiring about a potential appointee. “Do you know Carter? He is a gentleman, a Yale man, and was one of your football players. Taft has much confidence in him…" -- BUSH, George H. W. Typed letter signed (“George Bush”) to “Mitch,” 2 December 1990. 1p., 4to, White House stationery. Matted and framed . Explaining why he chose to select William Bennett as head of Republican National Committee. -- COOLIDGE, Calvin. TLS to A. A. Kimble, 29 August 1924. 1p., 4to, White House stationery . Matted and framed. Congratulations on becoming an Eagle Scout, praising the Boy Scouts. -- NIXON, Richard M. AGNEW, Spiro T. Two first day covers signed (“Richard Nixon”) and (“Spiro T. Agnew”), on first day covers to mark the Inauguration of Nixon and Agnew as President and Vice-president, 20 January 1969. Each 3 ½ x 6 ½in. Matted and framed with photo of Nixon and Agnew . -- HAYES, Rutherford B. DS, 19 March 1879. 1p., 4to. Matted and framed. Order to affix seal on pardon for M.B. Taylor. -- VAN BUREN, Martin. Engraved DS, 1 April 1839. Counter-signed by Secretary of War J. R. Poinsett. 1p., folio, vellum, allegory of eagle and military paraphernalia. Matted and framed . Military appointment making Hannibal Day a captain. -- TAFT, William H. Typed letter signed (“Wm. H. Taft’), as President, to Rev. Archbishop John Ireland, Washington, 2 July 1912. 1 page, 4to, White House stationery . [With:] TAFT. Photograph by Harris & Ewing, inscribed and signed (“Wm. H. Taft”), as President, 3 March 1913. 9 ¾ x 7in. Inscribed “For F. Cunliffe Owen, with regards and best wishes…” A fine portrait signed one day before the expiration of his term in office. Both photo and letter housed in a cloth, gilt stamped folding case. Taft tells Archbishop Ireland that he will be glad to appoint General James R. O’Beirne

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