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Presentation Cane for Robert Audley Browne, PA 100th Regt., Chaplain

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A fine presentation cane with gold-filled knob bearing the inscription Presented to R. Audley Browne D.D. by the Freshman Class of Westminster College Nov. 1870; 1.25 in. ferrule, overall 35.75 in. long. Lot also includes a real photo postcard of Dr. & Mrs. Browne's home in New Castle, PA. Dr. Robert Audley Browne (1821-1902) was born in Steubenville, OH, but was raised in Pittsburgh, PA and graduated from the Western Reserve University there in 1840. He then entered the Theological Seminary in Allegheny where he ranked high in his classes. Browne later received the degree of Doctor of Divinity from his Alma Mater. By 21, Browne was licensed to preach, and at the age of 23, he was ordained to the Gospel ministry. After serving as pastor for several churches in western Pennsylvania, Browne enlisted as Chaplain for the Pennsylvania 100th Infantry, also known as the Roundheads, and was commissioned into Field & Staff August 28, 1861. He was an ardent supporter of the Union and joined his regiment without hesitation in all of its hardships and perils. He participated in several battles, including operations against Charleston and the battle of Fredericksburg. Browne resigned as Chaplain December 28, 1863. Following his Civil War service, Browne was nominated by the Republican party as a United States Senator and was elected to this position in 1866. Browne then became president of Westminster College in 1867, and retained this position until 1870. Browne was undoubtedly a man of many religious, political, and educational accomplishments. Condition: Some minor pitting to gold-filled knob handle; light wear to shaft.

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