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Philibert Louis Debucourt 1755 - 1832 LE MENUET DE LA MARIEE (FENAILLE 8) Etching with engraving printed in colours, 1786, a fine proof impression, third state (of six), before title, on paper with a Proprietary watermark, with thread margins on the left, trimmed circa 5-7mm within platemark elsewhere, occasional fox marks, very slight surface dirt at the edges of sheet; with Antoine-François Sergent, Il est trop tard, etching with engraving printed in colours, a proof before title, trimmed within platemark, some scuff marks and minor staining, occasional foxing in the margins; with Jean-François Janinet, L'agreable negligee; and Rose Bertin, etchings with engraving printed in colours after Pierre-Antoine Bauduoin and Louis-Roland Trinquesse respectively, two plates, proofs before letters; and after Jean-Baptiste Hüet, a collection of works depicting children, stipple engravings printed in colours by Bonnet, Mallet, Auvray, 23 plates Quantity: 27