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Auktion: Music and Continental Books & Manuscripts
wurde versteigert am: 8. Juni 2011
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Schätzpreis: 10.000 £ - 15.000 £
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ca. 16.213 $
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Alliaco, Petrus de. TRACTATUS ET SERMONES. [BRUSSELS: FRATRES VITAE COMMUNIS, BETWEEN 9 JUNE 1481 AND 1483], 272 LEAVES (OF 274), DOUBLE COLUMN, 39 LINES, GOTHIC TYPE, 2- TO 8-LINE INITIALS SUPPLIED IN RED, RED PARAPHS AND INITIAL-STROKES, BLANK LEAVES S7-8 WITH EXTRA TEXT SUPPLIED IN CONTEMPORARY MANUSCRIPT ("DE QUATUOR IN QUIBUS INCIPIENTES..."), [H 850; GW M32023; BMC IX 174; GOFF A487], LACKING A1 (TABLE) AND A1 (BLANK), A2 SLIGHTLY DAMAGED, OCCASIONAL SLIGHT WATER-STAINING Passio Domini Iesu Christi secundum quattuor Evangelia; Guillelmus de Sancto Amore. Defensorium ecclesiae. [Lübeck: Printer of Calderinus (Johann Snel or Lucas Brandis?), c. 1480], 70 leaves, double column, 38 lines, Gothic type, 4-line initial supplied in red, red paraphs and initial-strokes, contemporary manuscript quiring in tiny letters, [H 12440; GW M29625; Goff P129] 2 works in one volume, chancery folio (282 x 207mm.), text of Alliaco split between quires s and A with quires a-f of the Passio bound in between, and quires f-g of the Passio (containing Defensorium ecclesiae) bound at end of volume, contemporary German blind-tooled calf over wooden boards, outer roll-tooled border, central panel composed of lozenge-shaped compartments each with small fleur-de-lys stamp, other circular and rectangular stamps, metalwork corners, two clasps, pink alum-tawed index tabs along fore-edge, nineteenth-century lettering-piece, new endpapers and hinges, joints splitting

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Auktionshaus: Sotheby's
Titel: Music and Continental Books & Manuscripts
Auktionsdatum: 08.06.2011
Adresse: Sotheby's