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Auktion: Auction 03.12.1996
wurde versteigert am: 3. Dezember 1996
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Peter Sellers and Others

Schätzpreis: 200 £ - 400 £
ca. 332 $ - 665 $
Zuschlagspreis:  483 £
ca. 803 $
Los-Nr. 175, Aufrufe: 11

Peter Sellers and Others A short affectionate autograph note, signed, telling Ekland that he will always love her; a programme/menu with two name cards for Mr and Mrs Sellers for the American Presidential Ball, Friday 23rd June 1967, at Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, California; a greeting card with corresponding envelope addressed to Miss Britt Eklund, signed Jacques Clouseau ; a florist's card from Sellers with corresponding envelope, wishing Ekland a happy birthday; a games card for Windsor Great Park, dated December 8th 1969; a contract print showing Peter Sellers with a fellow actor; a hand-written verse, unsigned and undated, composed of rhyming words; and a collection of various cards and cables (13)

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Christie's
Titel: Auction 03.12.1996
Auktionsdatum: 03.12.1996
Adresse: Christie's
London, South Kensington