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Papers and Correspondence relating to

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Papers and Correspondence relating to the Cape of Good Hope, 9 papers in one, including treatment of Hottentots, and Prize slaves, over 1000 pages, 1826-1827; Report of the Commissioners of Inquiry upon the Trade of the Cape of Good Hope; the Navigation of the Coast, and the Improvement of the Harbours of the Colony, 2 June, 1839; Papers Relative to the Condition and Treatment of the Native Inhabitants of Southern Africa, within the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, Parts I [Hottentots and Bosjemen; Caffres; Griquas] and II, over 400 pages, 2 engraved folding maps, hand-coloured in outline, 18 March-1 June, 1835; Correspondence Relative to the Establishment of the Settlement of Natal, and the Recent Rebellion of the Boers, 104 pages, 3 May, 1849; Correspondence with the Governor of the Cape... relative to the State of the Kafir Tribes on the Eastern Fronteier of the Colony, 3 May, 1849, library bindings, some disbound, folio Parliamentary Papers, 1826-49 (5)

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Titel: Printed, Books, Maps & Manuscripts
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