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Original children's art and text for a Finnish fairy tale book, Knallpetter

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Title: Original children's art and text for a Finnish fairy tale book, Knallpetter Author: Lindberg, Tina and Hildegard Forsberg Place: Llamo, CA; Helsinki, Finland; and Rimbo, Sweden Publisher: Date: [1925] Description: Comprises: 24 original works of art on paper, 17 are pen-and-ink drawings (from 5x8" to 11¾x9¼"), and 7 are original watercolors, some with Finnish text. Eleven are signed with the artist's initial (9 by Lindberg and 2 by Forsberg), rest are by one or the other; both of whom have very similar styles and all for the same book. * And a collection of 52 scraps of typed paper (a few hand-written), containing poetry and prose, presumably for a children’s story, all appears to be from the same source; some small with just a few lines but many are larger with full-length pages with chapter headings, including: Chapter III, Robina-Run-In-The-Hedge; Sniffy; The Pool of Shadows and more. Most with penciled notes and corrections. Each placed inside original envelope (signed "Tina Lindberg, Rimbo, Sweden, care of Martin Skantz"), along with a 3-page autograph letter signed to Hildegard Forsberg (of Llamo, California) dated 6/26/25 by Eva T. Aeke(?), a representative for the Hertonäs Museum, written in Finnish. With original mailing envelope, addressed from Helsingfors [Helsinki], Hertonäs, Finland. Appears to be the original manuscript and artwork for a Finnish fairy tale children’s book titled Knallpetter, with original drawings and watercolors by Hildegard Forsberg and Tina Lindberg. Shows fantastical artwork of children in nature and outdoor scenes, including various creatures such as fairies, birds, insects and many tree scenes. One shows three large bird faces woven into the upper branches of a tree; one of a fairy holding a sign “Master of Ceremonies”; and one of a fairy mending various creatures needs (partially unfinished with fairy and other parts still in pencil). Most plates titled Knallpetter on the verso. The watercolors contain Finnish text; some of the others with penciled English text; several of the versos with Lindberg’s name, plus additional caption and book placement information (chapter and page number, etc.). Curious work, unknown if ever completed and published; certainly a good start with this strange and interesting archive. Lot Amendments Condition: Many of the typed text scraps unevenly clipped and with folds; mild age wear throughout; from very good to near fine. Item number: 167814

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