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Auktion: Auction 09.04.2005
wurde versteigert am: 9. April 2005
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Opus One--Vintage 1995

Schätzpreis: 1.600 $ - 2.400 $
Zuschlagspreis:  2.232 $
Los-Nr. 812, Aufrufe: 25

OPUS ONE A joint venture between two big players in the world of fine wine, Baron Philippe de Rothschild of Chbteau Mouton-Rothschild and Robert Mondavi, the initial aim was to produce a more refined style, aged in French Oak, along the lines of its cousin in Pauillac, Mouton. However Opus One has developed its own style with time and has become fuller, richer and more characteristically Napa Valley, now thoroughly expressing the Oakville soil it is planted on. Although a large scale (110-acre) and big investment project with the winery alone costing over $20 million, it began humbly using Mondavi fruit from Oakville. Now the average age of the vines is at around 20 years and the fruit is 100 estate sourced. Having such big names behind it has given Opus One a definite head start, especially where marketing and distribution are concerned, but Opus Ones presence has also done much to bring interest, tourism and investment to the Napa Valley. As with Mouton, production is now at around 30,000 cases a year and cost on release is $130 a bottle, but the comparisons go one important step further. In great years, it's one of the best in the region and more importantly its price, with time, only goes up. A first growth it is not, but who cares when the wine is this good! DW Opus One--Vintage 1995 Napa Valley In two six-bottle original wooden cases "The first of three vintages kindly supplied for me to taste and brought to my son's house in San Francisco: medium depth and intensity; bright, fragrant, crisp fruit and oak, its bouquet developing sweetly; rich fruit, good flavour, fair length, touch of tar and tannin. March 2002 ***(**) " MB, Vintage Wine 1 dozen bottles per lot

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Christie's
Titel: Auction 09.04.2005
Auktionsdatum: 09.04.2005
Adresse: Christie's
New York, Rockefeller Center