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Auktion: American History: Live Salesroom Auction
wurde versteigert am: 14. November 2013
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Nurseryman's Stock Book from New York State

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Obl. 8vo salesman's stock book, leather with gilt lettering on front, most of which has been covered by a "leatherette" patch. Most of the lettering is gone, but it appears to have said "Chautauqua Nursery Co." This is a typical sample book with one exemplar per page. Front pastedown has state Department of Agriculture inspection certificate, 1899-1900. Back has marbled endpapers. Most of these pages were lithographed by Rochester Lithographing Co., Rochester, NY. There are a few others (Brett Litho.), and the Rochester pages are on different weights of paper, and with slightly different styles, which indicates, like most of these stock books, pages were added or taken out as stock changed (and customer preferences changed). Roses - General Jacqueminot, Coquette des Alps, Clothilde Soupert, Perpetual White Moss (2), Gem of the Prairie, Glory de Dijon, Alfred Colomb, Mrs. John Laing, Baltimore Belle, Prince Camille de Rohan, American Beauty, La France, La Reine, Anna de Diesbach, Sunset, Crested Moss, Empress of China Other - Yucca Fillamentosa, Ampelopsis Veitchii, Trumpet Flower, Hydrangea Paniculata Grandiflora, Spirea - Aurea, Weigela - Variegated-leaved, Double Altheas, Prunus Triloba, Purple Fringe / Smoke Tree Clematis - Clematis, Henry II, Coccinea Honeysuckle - Hall's Japan, Tartarian / Upright Trees - Paul's Double-Flowering Thorn, Camperdown Weeping Elm, Kilmarnock Weeping Willow, Caltalpa, Cut-leaved Weeping Birch, Purple Leaved Beach, Wier's Cut-leaved Silver Maple, Oak-leaved Mountain Ash, White Flowering Horse-Chestnut, Hardy Magnolia, Norway Spruce, English, Irish or Swedish Juniper Shrubs - Viburnum Plicatum, Honey Locust, Cornus Elegantissima Fruits - Prunus Pissardi, American Mulberry, Russian Apricot Grapes - Early Ohio, Diamond, The Moyer, Brighton, Niagara, Eaton, Pocklington, Campbell's Early, Moore's Early, Green Mountain, Worden's Seedling, Vergennes Currants - Fay's Prolific, Cherry, White Grape, Black Champion, Industry, Downing Berries - Golden Queen, Cuthbert, Cumberland, Kansas, Shaffer's Colossal, Snyder, Erie or Uncle Tom, Ohio, Wachusett's Thornless, Lucretia Dewberry Quinces - Japan, Meech's Prolific, Orange, Rea's Mammoth Peaches - Champion, Wheatland, Crawford's Early, Wonderful, Wager, Foster, Elberta, Hale's Hardy, Globe Plums - Satsuma, Apricot, German Prune, Lombard, Mooer's Arctic, Coe's Golden Drop, Shipper's Pride, Niagara, Abundance Cherries - Ostheim, Schmidth's Bigarreau, Gov. Wood, Early Richmond, Black Tartarian Pears - Vermont Beauty, Duchess d'Angouleme, Bartlett, Idaho, Seckel, Beurre d'Anjou, Clapp's Favorite, Kieffer's Hybrid Apples - Transcendent, Whitney's Seedling No. 20, Yellow Transparent, Wolf River, Belle de Boskoop, Red Beitigheimer, Wealthy, Duchess of Oldenburg, Famuese or Snow, Mann, Gideon, McIntosh Red In the mid-19th century a “horticulture craze” took hold in America, particularly in the Upper Midwest. Although a boon for nurserymen and seed distributors, it also became a target for conmen, with complaints ranging from non-delivery of ordered products to inferior or misrepresented plants to inappropriate stock for a particular region. To attempt to gain some respectability back, many nursery owners recruited and trained salesmen to represent their stock throughout the nation. This coincided with another craze – color plate illustration. D.M. Dewey in Rochester, NY is credited with being the first to bring the two together and begin producing color plates of fruits, flowers and other nursery stock that salesmen and store owners could show to potential customers. Dewey even printed a “training manual” for salesmen (1875), guiding them in what to show customers and how to entice them to purchase more than they originally intended (see Kabelac). For unclear reasons, Rochester became the “hub” of printing these wonderful color plates as more printers and booksellers took up the business, and the area boasted over half a dozen companies printing primarily, if not exc

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