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Noheg KaTzon Yoseph – Hanau, 1717 – Copy of Rebbe Nachum Dober of Sadigura

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Noheg KaTzon Yoseph, year round laws and customs, Rabbi Yoseph Segal. Hanau, [1717]. On title page, two stamps of Rebbe Nachum Dober Freidman of Sadigura, "Nachum Dober Freidman" in Hebrew and foreign language, with a picture of a lion in the center of the stamps. An additional stamp "Acquired from my money". On front binding's leaf a bookmark: "Library of Nachum Dov Freidman in Sadigura". Rebbe Nachum Dober Freidman (died 1783, Otzar HaRabbanim 15912), son of Rebbe Shalom Yoseph of Ruzhin and son-in-law of his uncle Rebbe Avraham Ya'akov of Sadigura – sons of Rabbi Yisrael of Ruzhin. [His important library is described in Kedem catalogue, Auction 2, Item 249; Auction 4, Items 306-307]. He had three kinds of stamps: the books he received from his father's home are stamped "Nachalat Avotai" (my father's inheritance), those he received from his Chassidim or from the Chassidim of his uncle, father-in-law were stamped with "Minchat Shay" (gift), and those he bought are stamped "kinyan kaspi" (acquired from my money) such as this book. [3], 89 leaves [without the addition of two leaves at end of book]. 19.5 cm. Good condition. Stains. Restoration to inner margins of title page. Colored leaf cutting. Fancy antique leather binding, worn.

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