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Maserati 300S

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No such avowed enthusiast for sports-racing cars of the 1950s as Derek Lees could possibly have ignored the charms of the immortal 3-litre 6-cylinder Maserati 300S line. No less a personality than Sir Stirling Moss has described the Maserati 300S as follows: “From 16 events, the 300S gave me nine wins, three second places, a third and a fifth and only two retirements. With a record like that can you see why I have such fond memories of these beautiful cars? It defies Maserati’s long-standing reputation for grace, pace and unreliability, but that is what the 300S was all about… “It was formidably strong and dependable, also quite like an Aston Martin DB3S in its general feel and responsiveness, but it was even better balanced and, in my experience, almost unburstable. “Today, people rave about Ferrari’s fantastic reliability. True, they used to spread it wider across the board amongst all their customers, but a decently prepared 300S had a chassis which was infinitely superior to any front-engined sports Ferrari and although it lacked their wonderfully smooth and powerful V12 engine, its 6-cylinder was always man enough for the job…”. In homage to such praise as this, and from such a hugely respected source, Derek Lees commissioned Peter Shaw’s InterTech Engineering company of Grantham, Lincolnshire, to create a faithful Maserati 300S chassis for him. He also progressively accumulated a considerable collection of 300S components – many of them absolutely genuine in-period parts either manufactured by Maserati or as used by the company in genuine 300S cars at the time– to support this programme. The reproduction chassis frame is now offered here as the core of this particular Lot, accompanied by an extremely extensive selection of related components, several of which would relate equally to such other inter-related Maserati models as the Formula 1 250F. These related components – some of them produced by or for Maserati in period - include, for example: Cyril Embrey-produced 300S 6-cylinder engine block, front ancillary chest complete with pumps etc, cam covers, pistons, con-rods, cam shafts, engine set of cam bearings, engine set of main bearings, engine set of thrust bearings, filter housing, head studs and nuts, valve collets, oil pressure relief valve adjuster, fabricated oil and water pipes, rear brake assembly left and right, rear brake drums left and right, flywheels, steel clutch plates, alloy clutch plates, pressure plate, pressure plate body, pressure finger plates and plate cups, steering arms, front hubs, track rods, rear hubs, pot joints, leaf spring, leaf spring centre bracket, rear spring drop links, drive shaft, radius rods, De Dion centre block, pedals, gearchange lever and bracket, steering column tubes, bonnet pins and cups, De Dion tube, bell housing, stub axles, front wishbones, front uprights, front stub axles, cylinder head (believed original), boxed crankshaft, gearbox castings, ZF diff, etc.. This Lot to be sold entirely as viewed.

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