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Auktion: Fine Books and Manuscripts
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Group of materials relating to the impeachment and pardon of Richard Nixon. Comprising: NIXON, RICHARD. Letter Signed, Aug 9, 1974, to Henry Kissinger offering his resignation from the Presidency. * NIXON. Quotation Signed, about the resignation. * House of Representatives ticket to the impeachment, stub attached, August 19, 1974. * Senate ticket to the impeachment, stub attached, Oct 7, 1974. * FORD, GERALD R. Document Signed, being the pardon proclamation. * FORD, GERALD R. Quotation Signed, November 5, 1979, being Nixon's pardon. * EHRLICHMAN, JOHN. Autograph Letter Signed, Jan 24, 1978, about Watergate and Nixon's pardon. * ERVIN, SAM JR. 2 Typed Letters Signed, January 26 & March 7, 1978, about Watergate. * COX, ARCHIBALD. Quotation Signed, expressing his doubts about his own criticism of Nixon's pardon. WITH: NIXON, RICHARD. Letter, 1 p, on White House stationery, June 19, 1972 to Hamilton Fish about bringing the Vietnam War to an end. Provenance: The Autograph Collection of Harry E. Gould, Jr., sold in these rooms, December 7, 2016. Comprehensive group including ephemera, signed statements, and original letters from Ehrlichmann (who served 18 months for his role in the Watergate break-ins) and Ervin who headed the investigative committee on Watergate.

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Titel: Fine Books and Manuscripts
Auktionsdatum: 25.06.2020 - 08.07.2020
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