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Auktion: Auction 11.07.2000
wurde versteigert am: 11. Juli 2000
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NELSON, Horatio, Viscount (1758-1805) and Emma, Lady HAMILTON (1761?-1815). 'Mementos of Admiral Lord Nelson and Lady Emma Hamilton', a collection of 3 autograph letters signed, including one to Emma Hamilton, and a document signed by Nelson, an auto...

Schätzpreis: 20.000 £ - 30.000 £
ca. 30.163 $ - 45.244 $
Zuschlagspreis:  52.875 £
ca. 79.744 $
Los-Nr. 332, Aufrufe: 103

NELSON, Horatio, Viscount (1758-1805) and Emma, Lady HAMILTON (1761?-1815). 'Mementos of Admiral Lord Nelson and Lady Emma Hamilton', a collection of 3 autograph letters signed, including one to Emma Hamilton, and a document signed by Nelson, an autograph letter signed by Lady Hamilton, sheet music, medals, miniatures, and intaglios, a manuscript facsimile and a fragment of the Victory's foretopsail, mounted on boards together with a calligraphic and decorated text giving biographical notes and transcriptions, 25 boards in total, 387 x 328mm . Blue morocco gilt by Sangorski & Sutcliffe, covers with elaborate border of intersecting strapwork, gilt fillets with small onlays of red morocco circled in gilt, the cornerpieces with large palmette motifs, spine in six compartments with raised bands, lettered in the second, the others with a repeat design of fillets and laurel wreaths, but alternating the dates and arms of Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton, gilt turn-ins, brown morocco doublures, in the upper cover with three glass-covered inset panels containing commemorative medals, in the lower cover with two glass-covered inset panels containing intaglio portrait seals, blue silk liners, gilt edges (some surface damage to liners caused by the covers of the facing inset panels, the catches to two of the glass covers faulty and repaired with tape, extremities lightly rubbed). A LUXURIOUS COMMEMORATIVE COLLECTION ON NELSON AND EMMA HAMILTON The contents include: Horatio, Viscount NELSON. Autograph letter signed to Revd Henry Crowe, Medusa at sea, 8 August 1801, a reply to a request for patronage 'I felt such pleasure at being remembered by an Old Burnham friend', promising to help a relative of Crowe's, giving news of other Burnham friends who are in the service, 'Raven and Howard both behave exceedingly well', and sending greetings, two pages, 4to , on a bifolium (mounted on tape, tears of 78mm and 5mm to centrefolds, touching two words). The Crowes were the Nelsons' distant cousins, but immediate neighbours during Horatio's childhood in Burnham Thorpe. The announcement of Nelson's appointment to the command of the defence flotilla on the south-east coast to guard against Napoleon's planned invasion led to a large number of requests for patronage. He began his command in the Medusa , and used the frigate to 'take a peep at them on the coast of France', a reconnaisance which established that rumour had greatly exaggerated the threat of invasion. [ And :] Autograph letter signed ('Nelson & Bronte') TO EMMA, LADY HAMILTON, Amazon off Folkestone, 25 September 1801, a despondent letter: the deteriorating condition of Edward Parker, and a calm, have kept him from sailing for either the French coast or Dungeness, and his depression is exacerbated by separation from Emma: 'My heart I assure you is very low last night I had flattered myself, I now have no hopes...we must bear up against these misfortunes. I have not had your letters today they are my only comfort', reporting on a sortie of 'flat boats &c' from Calais which has been repelled, and concluding 'You must my Dear friend forgive me for I cannot write any thing worth your reading except that I am at all times situations & places your for ever affectionate Nelson & Bronte', 1½ pages, 4to , on a bifolium (mounted on thread, light soiling, seal tears), (fragments of seal). Captain Edward Parker, known as 'Little Parker' and a much-loved protégé of Nelson's, had suffered a shattered thigh during the disastrous attack on the flat boats at Boulogne on the night of 15-16 August; he died after an amputation four days after the present letter. By late autumn, with the season limiting his opportunities for action against an in any case illusory threat, and peace imminent, Nelson's duties in his south-eastern coastal command were becoming increasingly irksome. [ And :] Autograph letter signed ('Nelson & Bronte') to Samuel Briggs, Pro-Consul, Victory , 4 February 1805, an urgent letter written

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Titel: Auction 11.07.2000
Auktionsdatum: 11.07.2000 - 13.07.2000
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