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Auktion: Fotografie des 19. - 21. Jahrhunderts
wurde versteigert am: 3. Juni 2015
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NASA Selected images of Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11

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Photographer: Neil Armstrong . Buzz Aldrin near the Lunar Module footpad, Apollo 11 ; Buzz Aldrin descending Apollo 11 LM ladder; Buzz Aldrin unpacks experiments from Lunar module on the Apollo 11 mission. July 1969. 3 vintage chromogenic prints on Kodak paper. Each circa 20 x 20 cm. Each with A Kodak Paper watermark on the verso. "Our LM was sitting there with its black, silver, and bright yellow-orange thermal coating shining brightly in the otherwise colorless landscape. I had seen Neil in his suit thousands of times before, but on the Moon the unnatural whiteness of it seemed unusually brilliant" Buzz Aldrin. – Edges minimally curled, colors slightly shifted, matt surfaces, Buzz Aldrin descending Apollo 11 print with 2 small indentation holes, otherwise in good condition. Lit.: Andrew Chaikin. A Man on the Moon. 3 vol. Toronto. 1999, ill. pp. 344-45.

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Auktionshaus: Galerie Bassenge
Titel: Fotografie des 19. - 21. Jahrhunderts
Auktionsdatum: 03.06.2015
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