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Auktion: Auction 07.12.2016
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Muhsin al-Din Sa’adi Shirazi. “Sa’di”, Kolliyat, from the Library of Shahzadeh Khanlar …

Schätzpreis: 10.000 £ - 15.000 £
ca. 12.486 $ - 18.729 $
Zuschlagspreis:  10.000 £
ca. 12.486 $
Los-Nr. 121, Aufrufe: 60

Muhsin al-Din Sa'adi Shirazi. "Sa'di", Kolliyat, from the Library of Shahzadeh Khanlar Mirza, in Persian, illuminated manuscript on paper, [Persia, dated 1243 AH (1827-28 AD)] 214 leaves (including a single flyleaf at each end), complete, text in either single or four column divisions, 25 lines of fine black nasta'liq, ten illuminated polychrome and gold decorated headpieces, four of these with double-page decorated borders illuminated by gilt spiraling vines with interlinear colouring to text also in gold, leaves ruled in blue and gold, 280 by 175 mm. (written space 215 by 110 mm.); contemporary lacquered boards with gul-o-bulbul designs to outer boards, mirror images of a young and old man to inner boards, these figures depicted against pastoral backgrounds depicting hunting and agricultural scenes, a few small chips to paint with minor loss to exterior of boards Provenance: 1. Written and illuminated in Persia in 1243 AH (1827-28 AD) for a wealthy and influential parton, and passing a few decades later into the library of Shahzadeh Khanlar Mirza, formally known as ‘Ehtesham-ed-dowleh’: additional colophon dated 1270 AH (1853-54 AD) and with his official seal. Shahzadeh Khanlar was the 17th son of Crown Prince Abbas Mirza of the Qajar dynasty and became one of the most prominent princes of his generation, notably becoming Nasser al-Din Shah’s chief commander in the Anglo-Persian war of 1856. 2. Offered by E. Rossignol of Paris c.1920: faded orange sale ticket loose in volume. Text: Born in Shiraz in 1210 AD, Sa’di is one of the most revered poetic and prose writers of the classical form in Persian history whose complete works, or Kolliyat, are here present. This opulently illuminated copy of the Golestan, or ‘Rose Garden’, [dated 14th Jumada al-thani 1242 AH (13th January 1827 AD)], is arguably Sa’di’s most influential collection of poems and short stories. It survives here in its contemporary painted binding with portraits most probably of the author on his travels, each the full height and width of the book. Other included works are the Bostan (Orchard) being the author’s first work concerning anecdoes and reflections on human psychology written during his travels, as well as an extensive collection of his Qasa'id: (Odes) and Ghazaliyat (lyrics).

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Titel: Auction 07.12.2016
Auktionsdatum: 07.12.2016
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