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Military Memoirs and Related Works A collection of 39 publications of military memoirs and related works, various sizes, generally very good condition although some lack half-titles. Various bindings, mostly recent wrappers or boards, some disbound. Comprising: Clerk, John. An Essay on Naval Tactics, Systematical and Historical with Explanatory Plates. Edinburgh: Archd. Constable & Co., 1804 — [another Cadell edition of 1780, Part I only] — U.S. Continental Congress. Rules and Articles for the Better Government of the Troops. Philadelphia: John Dunlap, 1776 — Stevens, William. A System for the Discipline of the Artillery of the United States of America, or, the Young Artillerist's Pocket Companion. Part I [All Published]. New York: William A. Davis, 1797, 24 plates; somewhat browned and spotted. (Evans 32878) — Heath, William. Memoirs of Major-General Heath ... During the American War. Boston: I. Thomas and E. T. Andrews, 1798 (Evans 33865) — Howe, William. The Narrative of Lieut. Gen. Sir William Howe in a Committee of the House of Commons on the 29th of April, 1779. London: H. Baldwin, 1780 (Adams Controversy 80-43a) — [another Baldwin edition, Third of 1781] (Adams 80-43d) — Barbé-Marbois, François. Complot D'Arnold et de Sir Henry Clinton. Paris: Chez P. Didot, 1816 — A View of the Evidence Relative to the Conduct of the American War Under Sir William Howe, Lord Vincent Howe, and General Burgoyne. London: Richardson and Urquhart, 1779 — Smith, Joshua Hett. An Authentic Narrative of the Causes Which Led to the Death of Major André, Adjutant-General of his Majesty's Forces in North America. London: Mathews and Leigh, 1808 — Matthews, J. Twenty-one Plans, with Explanations, of Different Actions in the West-Indies, During the Late War. Chester: J. Fletcher, 1784 — Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States. Part I. Hartford: Hudson and Goodwin, 1794 — plus 27 others.

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