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Auktion: Coins
wurde versteigert am: 30. Oktober 2013
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Merovingian Merovingian - Gold Tremissis

Schätzpreis: 900 £ - 1.200 £
ca. 1.448 $ - 1.931 $
Zuschlagspreis:  1.029 £
ca. 1.656 $
Los-Nr. 0171, Aufrufe: 10

MEROVINGIAN MEROVINGIAN - GOLD TREMISSIS Circa 7th century AD, enigmatic issue. Obv: crude profile bust with blundered [???]NITOYR legend with reverse-barred 'N' and the 'Y' with central cross-bar. Rev: cross-like central motif (blundered cross-on-steps?) with DONEC[H?]A legend with chevron-barred 'A' and delta style 'D'. 1.27 grams. About as struck; from slightly damaged dies. Extremely rare; apprently unrecorded. Provenance Found near Barling, Essex, 2013; recorded with Early Medieval Corpus, Fitzwilliam Museum (reference 2013.0302). Literature Prou -; Belfort -; see EMC 2013.0302 (this coin). Footnotes The dies are crudely executed with retrograde letters and apparently blundered legends; the general appearance has affinity with issues from the central France region. Obverses with left-facing profile busts are very rarely seen but are known in a few instances; this may result from poor copying technique when making the dies.

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