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Auktion: Natural History
wurde versteigert am: 22. Juni 2008
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Massive Druzy Quartz Geode

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Brazil Very fine druzy amethyst crystals sparkle within a massive geode which displays an interesting shape and desirable open configuration. One portion of the interior exhibits an area where the crystals sloughed off and then re-formed during the life of the geode. Geodes are formed in voids within primordial lava rock. Over eons, mineral-laden water seeps through cracks, slowly producing spectacular mineral displays such as the present example. Measures 40 x 50 x 18in

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Bonhams London
Titel: Natural History
Auktionsdatum: 22.06.2008
Adresse: Bonhams London
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