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Manuscript – Notebook of Synagogue in Vaslui – 1881-1945 – A Description of the Holocaust of Romanian Jewry

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A manuscript in large format, "A notebook from the Beit Knesset HeChadash on Hosh Street from the day it was established until… 1881". Vaslui (Romania). 1881-[1945]. The notebook contains customs and regulations of the synagogue, gaba'im and shamashim. Listing of important dates in the history of the synagogue, names of donors and commemorating the dead. The first part of the notebook was written in 1881 by David Pachter, and at the beginning there is an introduction with the history of the synagogue from 1873 until that year. Writing and signatures from various dates, the last writings are from 1944-1945, where there is a long description of the events during the Holocaust with the events that took place in the community and its surroundings at that time [style of Megillat Esther]. "In 1944-1945 I was gabbai together with Rabbi… great and terrible troubles befell the Jews at that time, the Jew-hater, may his name be erased… Hitler ruler of Germany came with his soldiers… and the Jews all over Europe fell into confusion, the Americans and English and Russians came to our assistance… but until they came 5 million Jews were killed and slaughtered… Tuesday, 3rd of Elul 1944 the Russian soldiers came here and chased out the German murderers… joy and happiness for the Jews… Rosh Chodesh Sivan, shehechayanu vekimanu vehigiyanu lazman haze, the end of the war in Europe… and the time of revenge unto the Hitlerite nations let us begin…". Hebrew and Yiddish. C. 20 written pages [many empty leaves]. Thick paper, good condition, stains, wear and tear to leaf margins. Bound with fancy leather cover.

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