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Manuscript, Copy of the Notebook of the Chevrat Shas in Senica, 1783-1892

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Manuscript, copy of the notebook of the Chevrat Shas in the Senica (Semnitz) community (Slovakia), from 1783-1892. The date of establishment of the society appears on the title page of the notebook: "…On Tuesday Parshat Vayera the 21st of the month of Marcheshvan 1783 here in our community of Senica in the great Beit Midrash". It is also written there that among the gaba'im who were chosen are "the Rabbi Av Beit Din" [R. Yissachar Ber author of Binat Yissachar (see: Ishim B'Teshuvot Chatam Sofer, p. 231)], and R. Leib Stovovy (see: Ishim B'Teshuvot Chatam Sofer, p. 237). On the following pages are the society regulations, names of its members, copies of protocols with the names of those who signed, etc. The notebook contains many names and details of the members of the Senica community. Mentioned on a separate leaf which was enclosed with the notebook is the "testament of the author of the book Binat Yissachar by Yissachar Ber Bloch from Hamburg…", not to ask a non-Jew to light candles in the synagogue on Shabbat and on Festivals; the fire which erupted as a result of disobeying his testament and the visit of community members to his grave to request forgiveness. [22] leaves. 24 cm. Fair condition. Detached and worn leaves, brittle paper, with tears.

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