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Auktion: Edged Weapons, Armor, & Militaria
wurde versteigert am: 18. August 2020
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Schätzpreis: 1.000 $ - 1.500 $
Zuschlagspreis:  n. a.
Los-Nr. 2247, Aufrufe: 13

Lot consists of (A) Japanese Officer's Katana, ubu nakago, signed on both sides of nakago. Oil tempered blade with lazy hamon. Silver washed habaki. Gilt fuchi kashira, menuki in the form of flowers. Appropriate brown tsuka-ito with ray skin wrap. Someone has affixed a period "TO HELL WITH JAPAN" button on cord, making this a possible bringback. Metal saya with olive green paint. CONDITION: Very good. Blade is in nearly full polish with a few areas of shintetsu and some age related staining at boshi, but no chips in cutting edge. Fuchi kashira are very good with some gilding in low points, tsuka-ito is tight. Saya is fine with some gilding remaining and some age related roughness. A presentable example. (B) Ubu nakago with Tokugawa insignia menuki. Old ray skin wrap and green-brown tsukamaki wrap. Fuchi kashira decorated with florals. Tsuba with faceted copper design. Catscratch gold washed habaki. Extremely active choji midare hamon. Wooden saya with leather book, two hanger rings. While there is a leather thumb break mounted under the tsuba, there is no corresponding clasp on saya, and given that the blade is much shorter than the saya, making the saya a later addition. CONDITION: Good. Blade has numerous areas of shintetsu and some areas of cleaning. A few minor chips in the cutting edge, primarily towards boshi. Saya is good with some rubbing to leather at high points but complete. EW Item Dimensions: Larger: 38 - 1/2". Name Value Blade Length (A) 27 - 3/4" (B) 21 - 3/4" Overall Length (A) 38 - 1/2" (B) 31 - 1/4" Paperwork

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Morphy Auctions
Titel: Edged Weapons, Armor, & Militaria
Auktionsdatum: 18.08.2020 - 19.08.2020
Adresse: Morphy Auctions
North Reading Road 2000
PA 17517 Denver
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
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