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Lot of 36 miscellaneous children's & illustrated books

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Title: Lot of 36 miscellaneous children's & illustrated books Author: ** Place: Various Places Publisher: Date: Various Dates Description: Includes: Beskow, Elsa. Olle's Ski Trip. Boards, dj. [1928] * Brown, Margaret Wise. The Quiet noisy Book. Cloth backed boards, dj. [1950] * Brunhoff, Jean de. Babar the King. Cloth backed boards. [1935] * Brunhoff, Laurent de. Babar's Picnic. Boards. [1949] * Burgess, Thornton W. The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse. Cloth. [1925] * Burgess, Thornton W. The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad. Cloth, dj. [1944] * Burgess, Thornton W. Billy Mink. Cloth, dj. [1924] * Burgess, Thornton W. Jerry Muskrat at home. Cloth. [1926] * Burgess, Thornton. W. Mother West Wind How Stories. Cloth. [1916] * Carroll, Lewis. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Cloth. [1901 but later] * [Another copy, smaller format] Cloth, dj. [1901, but later] * Clark, Margery. The Poppy Seed Cakes. Cloth, dj. [1924] * Cooke, Edmund Vance. The Biography of Our Baby. Cloth. [1906] * Dickens, Charles. A Christmas Carol. Suede, original box. [c. 1910] * Flack, Majorie. Angus Lost. Boards, dj. [1932] * Eliot, T.S. Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. Cloth, dj. Early reprint. [1939] * Harris, Joel Chandler. Free Joe. Red cloth. Collier, [1887] * Harris, Joel Chandler. Uncle Remus. Red cloth. 49th printing. [1910] * Hewson, Isabel Manning. The Land of the Lost. Cloth, dj. [1945] * Ingoldsby, Thomas. A Domestic Legend of the Reign of Queen Anne. Cloth backed boards. Spine perished. [c. 1900] * Lauber, Patricia. Adventure at Black Rock Cave. Cloth, dj. [1959] * Milne, A.A. Sneezles. Boards, dj. [1947] * Moore, Colleen. The Enchanted Castle. Cloth backed boards. Signed. [1936] * Mulock, Miss. The Little Lame Prince. Cloth. [1927] * Paine, Albert Bigelow. Golden Cat. Cloth, dj. [1934] * Poe, Edgar Allan. Tales of Mystery and Imagination. Illustrated by Harry Clarke Cloth. [c. 1923] * Rae, John. Granny Goose! Boards. 5th edition. [1926] * Rey, H.A. Curious George Gets a Medal. Cloth, dj. 9th printing. [1957] * Riddell. Animal Lore and Disorder. Cloth, dj. [no date] * Silverstein, Shel. The Giving Tree. Boards, dj. [1964] * Smalley, Janet. Rice to Rice Pudding and other Picture Tales of How Things Come to Be. Cloth backed boards. [1928] * Stong, Phil. No-Sitch: The Hound. Cloth backed boards. 2nd edition. [1936] * Travers, P.L. Mary Poppins. Cloth, dj. 7th printing. [1935] * [Another copy] Cloth, dj. Later printing. [1934, but later] * Travers, P.L. Mary Poppins Opens the Door. Cloth, dj. Later printing. [1943, but later] * White, E.B. Stuart Little. Cloth, dj. Early reprint. [1945]. Together 36 volumes. Lot Amendments Condition: Condition varies from fair to very good. Should be examined, sold as is. Item number: 189627

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