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Auktion: Auction 15.09.2019
wurde versteigert am: 15. September 2019
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(lot of 3) Lundberg Studios group

Schätzpreis: 300 $ - 500 $
Zuschlagspreis:  n. a.
Los-Nr. 6027, Aufrufe: 18

(lot of 3) Lundberg Studios group, consisting of (2) having a jack-in-the-pulpit form, each with an onion skin interior, another having a trumpet form with pulled feather accents, largest: 11"h reports are not included in this catalog. For additional information, including condition reports, please contact us at [email protected] The absence of a condition statement does not mean that the lot is in perfect condition.

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Clars Auction Gallery
Titel: Auction 15.09.2019
Auktionsdatum: 15.09.2019
Adresse: Clars Auction Gallery
5644 Telegraph Avenue
CA 94609 Oakland
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
[email protected] · +1 (0)510 4280100 · +1 (0)510 658 9917