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Lot of 16 miniature volumes from the Poole Press

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Title: Lot of 16 miniature volumes from the Poole Press Author: ** Place: Berkeley Publisher: Poole Press Date: Various dates Description: Includes: Kipling’s American Catches: Epic story of heroic size about exploits in salmon fishing. 1/50 specially bound copies. 1980. * Bannerman, Helen. The Story of Little Black Sambo. 1/25 specially bound copies, but not lettered. 1983. * Bannerman, Helen. The Story of Little Black Sambo. 1/100 copies. 1983. * Mistletoe: Legends, Myths, & Folk Lore. 1/26 lettered copies, specially bound and with a postage stamp. 1984. * The Great Fire of London 1666: Six Days of the Conflagratikon from the Diary of Samuel Pepys. 1/100 copies. 1985. * Lewis Carroll’s Jabber Wocky. “Click tablet” with text & illustrations mounted on 6 small pieces of wood held together with cords. 1/99. 1986. * The Golden Rule, East & West. 1/55 copies. * Alphabet Shoes/ Alphabet Bags/ Alphabet Hats. 3 volumes bound together “tres-a-tres” by Gabrielle Fox, with folding “steamer chest” case. 1/50. [1988]. * The Embroideries of Mary Queen of Scotts. Embroidered covers with folding cloth case. 1/45 copies. 1990. * Jack in the Box: An Alphabet. 1/99 copies. 1991. * Stevenson, R.L. Envoy. Multi-colored pages, semi-circular with hole in center, with semicircular slipcase. 1/65. [1992]. * Magryoshka: Russian Nesting Dolls. 5 volumes, of diminishing sizes, each resting inside the larger. 1/55 copies. [1993]. * Presenting the Seven Ages of Man by Mr. William Shakespeare. Moveable book with pull-tabs; in box which folds out to form an Elizabethan stage. 1/45. 1994. * Binge. 2002. * The Juggler of Notre Dame. French & English text, bound dos-a-dos. 1/45 copies. 2003. * The Comforts of Bath as Established by Beau Nash in 1674-1762 and Caricatured by Thomas Rowlandson 1757-1829. 3-dimensional color illustrations, folding accordion-style. 1/24 copies. 2004. Together, 16 volumes. Most illustrated by Maryline Poole Adams. Various miniature sizes, most bound in leather, some in cloth or boards. Designed & printed by Maryline Poole Adams. Captivating selection of the ingenious creations of Maryline Poole Adams. Lot Amendments Condition: All in fine condition. Item number: 179177

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