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Auktion: 2008, Toy & Advertising Auction, Jan 26 & 27
wurde versteigert am: 26. Januar 2008
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Lot of 14 Boxed German Wooden Figures Etc.,

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Zuschlagspreis:  259 $
Los-Nr. 566, Aufrufe: 61

lot includes nine matchbox sets and three other matchbox-sized items. The German sets include the following in traditional wooden matchboxes: a clown on parallel bars in illustrated box, 2.34" long, PLUS a set of wooden blocks labeled Miniatur-Volks-Ausgable/Frobels/Baukasten Gabe 3/8 Wurfel and with maker's logo of SF flanking carpenters compass over building, with printed directions, 3.5" long, PLUS box labeled The smallest Kitchen in the world with kitchen scene of woman churning butter, fireplace with cat on mantle, set table and stool, wag-on-the-wall clock and curtained window with landscape, 2.25" long, PLUS two different boxes labeled National-Art-Of/Smallest-Kitchen/in the Match-Box/Made In Germany with five and six pieces of furniture, 2.25" long, PLUS illustrated labeled box with house, marked Made In Germany on back with non-constructed wooden cottage, 2.25" long, PLUS another illustrated label with wood bridge, also marked Made In Germany on back with non-constructed wooden bridge, 2.25" long. Lot also includes the following in card stock boxes: illustrated box with reverse label in English and German-marked Tradleksaken with farm scene and farmer, water pump and four cows, 2.5" long, PLUS color illustrated box with farmer, four animals, tree and six fence sections, marked Made In Western Germany, 2.25" long, PLUS color illustrated box with three farmer and three wheel barrels, 2.5" long, PLUS box with eight people with label having maker's logo only, 3.15" long. The three other boxes include a color illustrated empty box with farm animals and trees, 2.75" long, PLUS an early empty Christmas Seal box with Santa on lid, 1.65" long, AND a wooden matchbox-type with illustrated label of family and Beads For Good Children, full of various size and color glass beads. Provenance: Ex Collection of Henry & Jane Schlosser Condition: Most VG to EXC, a couple with minor damage.

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Cowan's Auctions, Inc.
Titel: 2008, Toy & Advertising Auction, Jan 26 & 27
Auktionsdatum: 26.01.2008
Adresse: Cowan's Auctions, Inc.
Este Ave 6270
OH 45232 Cincinnati
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