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Auktion: Cricket, Football and Sporting Memorabilia
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Lord Martin Bladen Hawke. Yorkshire

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Lord Martin Bladen Hawke. Yorkshire & England 1881-1911. Splendid sepia cabinet card photograph of Hawke, head and shoulders, wearing suit, shirt and tie. Nicely signed in black ink by Hawke, towards the lower right hand corner of the image, and dated '1894'. The cabinet card photograph by J.Burke & Co of India [Murree, Peshwar, Northern India]. The card measures 4.25"x6.5". Minor foxing and minor wear to card extremities and corners otherwise in good/very good condition. An excellent image. A very rare and sought after signed card of the imposing Captain of Yorkshire - cricket
The photograph was probably taken during the tour of Ceylon & India, which Hawke led and captained in 1892/93. They played at Peshawur on the last match of the tour in 1893

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Titel: Cricket, Football and Sporting Memorabilia
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