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Auktion: Auction 17.06.2000
wurde versteigert am: 17. Juni 2000
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Less than 35,000 miles from new

Schätzpreis: 20.000 $ - 25.000 $
Zuschlagspreis:  18.800 $
Los-Nr. 30, Aufrufe: 45

Less than 35,000 miles from new 1960 BUICK LESABRE CONVERTIBLE Chassis No. 4G3028624 Silver with red and white interior and a white convertible power top Engine: overhead valve V8, 364ci, 250bhp at 4,400rpm; Gearbox: column shift automatic; Suspension: semi-elliptic leaf springs; Brakes: four wheel drums. Left hand drive. Buick's trademark styling throughout the 1950s won them much acclaim from both the automotive industry and the purchasing public. In 1953 Buick introduced some of the most memorable cars of the decade. They were well built and distinctively styled, their porthole side vents becoming a mainstay on production cars for years to come. Buick kept pace with the best of the automotive industry by consistently upgrading their models with each year's introduction. In 1959 the Buick division of General Motors was deemed The Year's Most Changed Car . Buick was earning a good reputation by building cars that seemed to continually surprise their skeptics. With the high performance of the Wildcat engines, distinctive 1950s styling and their rapidly accelerating market share, the small GM division found itself on the upswing entering the 1960 model year. The 1959 Buicks all featured the over-the-top tailfin and chrome styling features characteristic of the 50s. However, styling on the 1960 Buicks was a bit more restrained. Though the fins and chrome were still present, they had been toned down and brought back under control. Ample power was provided from the Buick Wildcat engine, which was offered in a variety of different forms, the most popular though was the 364ci. version, as featured on the 1960 Buick LeSabre on offer here. This Buick, a highly original example of the LeSabre series, was purchased new from Stamford Buick in May of 1960. The LeSabre remained with the first owners until 1994 when it was purchased by the second owners in its very original condition, showing only 29,200 miles, believed to be from new. The second owner had a new convertible top fitted, as well as a thorough repaint in its original silver color. The second owner, anticipating a growing family, then sold the car at auction to the current vendor and third owner. The Buick then had a complete overhaul of the brake system which included replacing the master cylinder and brake lines. Currently showing less than 35,000 miles, believed to be from new, the car runs smoothly and dependably. This Buick LeSabre is equipped with power steering, power brakes and its original AM radio, which is in working condition. The paintwork is straight and in good overall condition, while the brightwork is in very presentable order and shows well. The red and white interior is in lovely well-preserved original condition in keeping with the LeSabre's overall sporty and tasteful appearance. This three owners from new, stylish 1960 Buick LeSabre Convertible offers a truly nostalgic feeling with its whitewall tires, flowing chrome and two-tone red and white interior. In our opinion this car offers excellent value, capable of carrying at least four adults with luggage in comfort and style on effortless long distance journeys.

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Christie's
Titel: Auction 17.06.2000
Auktionsdatum: 17.06.2000
Adresse: Christie's
Los Angeles