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Left-Wing Movements and Human Rights Movements – Large Collection of Publications – Israel, 1970s-80s

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A large and diverse collection of more than 200 booklets, newspapers, brochures and other printed matter, published by Israeli left-wing parties and movements and human rights movements. Israel, 1970s and 1980s (most items are from the 70s). Hebrew, English and a little Arabic. Large collection of publications by various factions and organizations: League for Human and Citizen Rights, Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (Hadash), Israel Communist Party, the Progressive List for Peace, Student Division of the Israeli Socialist Organization Matzpen, Peace and Security Movement, etc. The collection is composed of newspapers, booklets and brochures as well as letters, internal memos and documents sent to party and organization members. The provenance of the collection is the archive of Dr. Israel Mehlman, who was an active member of a number of left-wing movements. Several of the items in this collection are addressed to him personally and bear dedications or signatures. The collection contains; * "Man and rights", collection of newspaper articles written by the League for Human and Citizen Rights. * Election notices and the platform of the Maki (Israeli Communist) Party. * Issues of the Alternativa and Zu HaDerech newspapers. * Documents related to the unification of the lef-wing movements to run together as one party for the elections to the 9th Knesset. * "For those who were not here then", "Israel, the Palestinians and peace", "The way to peace" – Booklets with printouts of newspaper articles by Yisrael Cohen and Eliyahu Elishar. * Other items. Approximately 240 items, size and condition vary. Provenance: Collection of Dr. Israel Mehlman.

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