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Auktion: Sale 620: Fine Literature & Fine Books
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Large collection of works and letters by Walter de la Mare, some inscribed

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Title: Large collection of works and letters by Walter de la Mare, some inscribed Author: De La Mare, Walter Place: Various places Publisher: Date: Various dates Description: Approximately 100 books. Various editions and limitations. Various bindings, mostly cloth or boards, many with jackets, as well as a collection of approximately 23 signed letters, both typed and handwritten, and a few photographs. A large collection of titles by Walter de le Mare, a handful of them inscribed to his secretary, Mrs J. Dagwell. A few highlights of the collection include one of 250 numbered copies of The Three Mulla-Mulgars signed by De La Mare, a collection of approximately 23 short letters and postcards to Mrs. Dagwell, signed by his hand, and a single page manuscript poem, The Leaden Statue, written in his hand. The lot is sold as a collection, and the volumes have not been individually collated. Some titles are repeated. Walter John de la Mare was an English poet, short story writer and novelist. He is probably best remembered for his works for children, for his poem "The Listeners,",and for a highly acclaimed small selection of subtle psychological horror stories, amongst them "Seaton's Aunt" and "All Hallows." His 1921 novel, Memoirs of a Midget, won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for fiction, and his post-war Collected Stories for Children won the 1947 Carnegie Medal for British children's books. Full list of items. 'ND' indicates that no publication date could immediately be located. Some of the multiple copies may be varying edition and states. Collection of approximately 23 signed short letters and postcards, typed and handwritten, signed by De La Mare to Mrs. Dagwell, discussing social, practical and financial matters, as well as a few photographs of De La Mare.. Single page manuscript poem, The Leaden Statue, written in De La Mare's hand. Ding Dong Bell – 1924 (5 copies) Ding Dong Bell – ND Best Stories of Walter de la Mare – 1941 Eight Tales – 1971 Pleasures and Speculations – ND A Critical Study – ND News – 1930 (2 copies) A Snowdrop – 1929 A Snowdrop – ND (3 copies) Alone – ND Time Passes and Other Poems – ND Self to Self – ND (2 copies) Self to Self – 1928 (2 copies) Winged Chariot – ND (3 copies) Stuff and Nonsense and So On – 1927 (5 copies) Peacock Pie: A Book of Rhymes By Walter de la Mare With Illustrations By W. Heath Robinson – 1925 Peacock Pie: A Book of Rhymes by Walter de la Mare With Eight-one Little Pictures in Colour by Jocelyn Crow – 1936 Peacock Pie: A Book of Rhymes – 1913 O Lovely England and Other Poems – 1956 Tribute to Walter de la Mare on His 75th Birthday – ND Poems, 1901-1918 – 1920 (4 copies) The Sunken Garden – ND (4 copies) The Winnowing Dream – ND A Froward Child – ND Memoirs of a Midget – 1922 Memoirs of a Midget – 1921 (5 copies) Memoirs of a Midget – ND Stories From the Bible – ND The Burning-Glass and Other Poems Including the Traveller – 1945 Imagination of the Heart – 1993 Animal Stories – ND Come Hither: A Collection of Rhymes and Poems For the Young of All Ages – ND Walter de la Mare: A Selection From His Writings – ND Inward Companion and Other Poems by Walter de la Mare – ND Miss Jemima – ND Lispet, Lispett and Vaine – 1923 (2 copies) The Three Mulla-Mulgars – 1910 The Three Royal Monkeys or the Three Mulla-Mulgars. One of 250 signed by the author. – 1924 Collected Poems – ND Bells and Grass: A Book of Rhymes – 1941 Poems, 1919-1934 – 1935 Tales Told Again – ND Motley and Other Poems – 1918 (2 copies) Crossings: A Fairy Play by Walter de la Mare With Music by C. Armstrong Gibbs – ND (2 copies) Poems – 1906 The Connoisseur and Other Stories – 1926 (2 copies) To Lucy – 1931 To Lucy – ND Songs of Childhood – 1923 (2 copies) Lewis Carroll – ND (2 copies) Memory and Other Poems – 1938 (2 copies) The Return – 1910 (3 copies) The Captive and Other Poems – 1928 Desert Islands and Robinson Crusoe – 1930 (3 copies)

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