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Large collection of more than seventy-five books and more than one hundred ephemeral printings from the Perishable Press

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Title: Large collection of more than seventy-five books and more than one hundred ephemeral printings from the Perishable Press Author: Place: Mount Horeb, Wisconsin Publisher: Perishable Press Date: 1967-2011 Description: A large collection of more than 75 books from Walter Hamady's Perishable Press, including all eight volumes of the Gabberjabb series, and numerous other works by Hamady along with works by Mary Hamady, Laura Evans Hamady, Toby Olson, Armand Schwernder, Sam Hamod, Joel Oppenheimer, John Wilde and others. Also included is a large archive of more than 100 ephemeral printings, prospectuses, proof sheets, broadside catalogs, announcements etc. Also included is an original artwork by Hamady, titled "Unknown Monument Re: The Species. 1970." Thick card cutout of an airplane with two kneeling headless female forms and a pair of kissing faces. Signed in pencil. Walter Hamady (born 1940) is an American artist, book designer, papermaker, poet and teacher. He is especially known for his innovative efforts in letterpress printing, bookbinding, and papermaking exemplified in the productions of The Perishable Press Limited and the Shadwell Papermill, founded by Hamady in the mid-1960s. In 1966 Hamady joined the faculty of the University of Wisconsin, Madison where he would teach papermaking, letterpress printing, and bookbinding for more than three decades. The following books are included: Walter Hamady, Plumfoot Poems (1967). J.V. Cunningham, Aliquid Salis [Some Salt] (1967). Loren Eiseley, The Brown Wasps (1969). Carl Thayler, The Drivers (1969). Walter Hamady, Since Mary (1969). Toby Olson, Maps (1969). 2 copies. Toby Olson, Worms Into Nails (1969). 2 copies. James Laughlin, The Pig (1970). Sam Hamod, After the Funeral of Assam Hamady (1971). George Economou, Poems for Self Therapy (1972). Walter Hamady, In Sight of Blue Mounds (1972). Mary Hamady, An Everyday Celebration (1972). Sam Hamod, The Famous Blue Mounds Scrapbook (1972). Robert Vas Dias, The Life of Parts (1972). Kenneth Bernard, Two Stories (1973). Mary Laird (Hamady), The Eggplant Skin Pants (1973). Ken Mikolowski, Thank You Call Again (1973). Voltaire the Hamadeh [Walter Hamady], Interminable Gabberjabbs (1973). Walter Hamady, Hunkering in Wisconsin: Another Interminable Gabberjabb(1974). Toby Olson, Fishing (1974). Norman Russell, Open the Flower (1974). Harry Lewis, Pulsars (1974). Walter Hamady, Book No. 68. (1974) Armand Schwerner, Redspel (1974). Walter Hamady, Thumbnailing the Hilex / Gabberjabb Number 3 (1974). Walter Hamady, The Interminable Gabberjabb Volume One (&) Number Four (1975). Joel Oppenheimer, Acts (1976). Donald Hall, Kicking the Leaves (1976). Harry Mark Petrakis, Chapter Seven from The Hour of the Bell (1976). Toby Olson, Three & One (1976). Armand Schwerner, Triumph of the Will (1976). Walter Hamady, Wowa’s First Book (1977). Gilbert Sorrentino, Sulpicia Elegidia / Elegiacs of Sulpicia (1977). Toby Olson, Doctor Miriam (1977). Jane Augustine, Lit by the Earth’s Dark Blood (1977). Michael Heller, Figures of Speaking (1977). John Wilde The Story of Jane & Joan (1977). Laura Evans Hamady, Epiphany 1978 & Happy Birthday (1978). Frank Rubovits, Doggerel Exchange (1978). August Derleth, Last Light (1978). Laurence T. Giles, Goat Cottage Dream Poems (1978). Janet Rodney / Nathaniel Tarn, The Forest (1978). Walter Hamady, The Quartz Crystal History of Perry Township Since the Earliest Creation of Life (1979). Walter Hamady, Seeds & Chairs (1979). Laura Evans Hamady, Quotables from 1978 (1979). Laura Evans Hamady & Friends, Why Did You Did/t? (1980). Toby Olson, Birdsongs (1980). Arthur R. Brown, Song of the Sly Mongoose (1981). Laura Evans Hamady & Friends, Squatting Flies (1981). Walter Hamady, For the Hundredth Time Gabberjabb Number Five (1981). Walter Hamady, Hand Papermaking: Papermaking by Hand, Being a Book of Suspicions (1982). Joel Oppenheimer, Del Quien Lo

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