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Large Collection of Letters of Responsa by Leading Rabbis – Correspondence with the Maharsham HaCohen Hollander

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Large collection of letters written by prominent rabbis from Romania, Galicia, Poland and Eretz Israel. Halachic correspondence with R. Shmuel HaCohen Hollander Ra'avad in Chernivtsi. [Most of the letters are dated - 1910s-1930s, some from Eretz Israel from the 1950s-1960s]. The collection contains letters from R. Yehuda Leib Tsirelson Rabbi of Chişinău (Kishinev) and Chief Rabbi of Bessarabia; R. Chaim Mordechai Roller Rabbi of Neamt; R. Yosef Leib Sofer Rabbi of Paks; R. David Yehuda Silberstein Rabbi of Vác (Waitzen); R. Shimon Pollack Rabbi in Oradea (Grosswardein) (author of Shem MiShimon); R. Menachem Segal Pollack; R. Z. A. Y Ya'akov Meislish Rabbi of Łask (Poland); R. Tuvia Yehuda Tevyomi (Gutenteg); R. Reuven Katz Rabbi of Petach Tikva; R. Shlomo David Kahane, leading Warsaw rabbi; and others. [For more details, please see Hebrew description]. Large collection of letters and responsa, handwritten by R. Hollander, most sent to the Erlau Rebbe Yochanan Sofer. These letters include copies of various responses which R. Hollander received from Torah scholars. Rabbi Shmuel Meir HaCohen Hollander (1889-1965), Encyclopedia of Chachmei Galicia, Vol. 2, pages 96-99), son of R. Natan David Rabbi of Amshana and son-in-law of Rabbi Shalom Hager of Storozhynets, in 1913, was appointed Rabbi of Chernivtsi and after the Holocaust ascended to Eretz Israel and served as Rabbi of the Neve Tzedek neighborhood and of the Tel Aviv Chassidic community. He was renowned as a notable Torah scholar and faithful Chassid who corresponded on halachic and Chassidic topics with many prominent sages. He was close to the Rabbi of Tshebin, Rabbi Aharon of Belz and the Chazon Ish (see Pe'er Hador, Part 4, page 191: a picture of a responsa he received from the Chazon Ish) and was a disciple of Rabbi Shlomo of Bobov, and close to the rebbes of Belz, Ruzin, Vishnitz and Sanz. Some of his novellae was printed in the books Shem HaCohen responsa and sermons, Maharsham Cohen on the Torah and many articles. [Many things were written in his name in the series of "M'Gedolei HaTorah V'HaChassidut and in other books]. More than 50 letters (most long; containing Torah thoughts). Size and condition vary. Overall good to fair condition.

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