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Auktion: Auction 18.03.2016
wurde versteigert am: 18. März 2016
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Large collection of letters from artists, scientists, scholars and journalists, …

Schätzpreis: 500 £ - 700 £
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Large collection of letters from artists, scientists, scholars and journalists, mostly addressed to the Secretary of the Society of Arts Peter Le Neve Foster Includes: Royal Astronomer George Biddell Airy (returning a pamphlet "because the essential part of it - the description of the mechanism- is cut out, see page 6. I might guess at a little of it, but not enough to serve for basis for a written opinion", one page, Royal Observatory Greenwich, 19 November 1857), John Hollingshead (asking Society of Arts clerk Samuel Davenport "to put down a few anecdotes in the rough apropos of the Guarantee Fund [for the 1862 Exhibition]...Anything for spice?", one page, 21 Colebrooke Row, 27 November 1861), William Dyce Thomas Fairbairn, Charles Kean (thanking Mr Foster for an invitation to an event at the South Kensington Museum, one page, 6 May 1859), Lionel Brough, William Blachard Jerrold, John Timbs, John Percy, August Wilhlem von Hofmann, Theodore Martin, Silvestre Theophile, Samuel Highley, Cornelius Varley (asking Mr Davenport for two additional admission tickets for the Great Exhibition Building, one page, 25 November 1861), George Alexander MacFarren, Henry Fawcett, Francis Seymour Haden William Mulready Robert Hunt 1857-1863 (quantity) Provenance: the descendants of Samuel Davenport who was Financial Officer of the Society of Arts from 1844 to 1876. -- Sold as seen.

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Titel: Auction 18.03.2016
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