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Auktion: Auction 18.03.2016
wurde versteigert am: 18. März 2016
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Large collection of letters addressed to Secretary of the Society of Arts Peter …

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Large collection of letters addressed to Secretary of the Society of Arts Peter Le Neve-Foster-from prominent peers and politicians members of the Society of Arts, mostly discussing the engagements of the Society and confirming the ability or inability to attend meetings. Includes: Benjamin Disraeli (two letters, one declining the offer made by the Society "to take the chair at the Annual Dinner" and expressing his interest in the progress of the Society, four pages, Grosvenor Gate, 10 May 1860), Sir Thomas Bazley (requesting to have his name affixed "to the address to be presented to His Royal Highness Prince Albert on the occasion of the marriage of the Princess Royal", one page, Manchester, 26 January 1858), Lord Napier, the Marquess of Salisbury, Sir John Villiers Shelley, John Duke Coleridge Lord Elgin Kincardine, Lord Ellenborough, John S. Pakington, Gustavo Benso Count of Cavour (letter in French thanking the Society of Arts for nominating him as ordinary correspondent, one page, Turin, 11 January 1863), the Duke of Argyll, Earl Grenville, Lord Shaftesbury, 1858-1863 (quantity) Provenance: the descendants of Samuel Davenport who was Financial Officer of the Society of Arts from 1844 to 1876. -- Sold as seen

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Titel: Auction 18.03.2016
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