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Auktion: Fine Modern & Antique Guns - March 2019
wurde versteigert am: 19. März 2019
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Schätzpreis: 5.000 £ - 7.000 £
ca. 6.401 $ - 8.961 $
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Los-Nr. 523, Aufrufe: 27

JOHN DICKSON & SON, EDINBURGH A FINE CASED PRESENTATION 18-BORE PERCUSSION GUN FOR SHOT & BALL, no visible serial number, circa 1840, with unsigned browned 27in. barrels (some fading to finish), marked on the underside 'FINE STUB TWIST', London proofs, nickel fore-sight bead, engraved borders and single platinum line to the colour-hardened breech-block, the rib-end engraved with a partridge, raised fences, fully scroll engraved colour-hardened top-tang with engraved screw, colour-hardened border and scroll engraved bar-action locks signed 'JOHN DICKSON & SON', borderline and scroll engraved slab-sided hammers, walnut half-stock chequered at the wrist, blued border and scroll engraved iron heel-plate, blued broad pillar-fronted trigger-guard bow and scrolled tang from an earlier gun, the inlet silver band around the edge of the bow inscribed 'TO WALTER FERGUS ESQ, MAJOR COMMANDANT OF THE KIRKALDY VOLUNTEERS FROM THE NON-COMMISSION'D OFFICERS AND PRIVATES', the centre of the bow with an inlet gold shield engraved with a wreath and a murally crowned rampant lion naissant beneath the motto 'BENIGNO NUMINE' (by favour of the heavens), the scrolled portion of the tang inlet with a silver oval inscribed 'MAY 1st 1802' surrounded by an engraved starburst, fully scroll engraved finial, single barrel key with engraved oval escutcheons and original brass-mounted mahogany ramrod, the whole retaining much original colour and finish throughout; TOGETHER WITH its makers brass-cornered walnut storage case, compartmented and lined in green baize with lidded compartments and containing a near complete compliment of accessories including the original shot and powder flasks, a 'T' type nipple-key, turn-screw, wood cap-pot and nickel oil-bottle, a scissors ball-mould, shot chargers and sundry cleaning tools, a quantity of shot-cards and wads and a take-down cleaning rod, the inside of lid with parchment Dickson trade label, the whole complete with an envelope containing a letter of correspondence from a previous owner dated 1865 and a period photograph of a Scottish gentleman holding this gun attached to the underside of the major compartment lid) Provenance: Previously sold these rooms, sale A0615, lot 510 Other Notes: We have kindly been supplied the following information regarding Major Walter Fergus (as referred to on the triggerguard) by the Local Studies Officer from the Fife Archives: "Walter Fergus was a linen manufacturer, born in 1760. His father James Fergus established the business in the C18th concentrating on providing high quality linen ticking suitable for the English market. Walter and his brother James succeeded to the business. Walter's son John entered the business in 1823 and carried it on very successfully, eventually moving it to Prinlaws in Leslie. Walter Fergus became a magistrate and served as provost intermittently from 1793-1826. He was also said to have been MP for Kirkcaldy District. He married Charlotte Bruce Whyte in 1791, and his son John was born the following year. They lived at Whyte House, in Kirkcaldy and later at Strathore. Walter Fergus was active in the Kirkcaldy volunteers, becoming a major in September 1803. He was a witness for the defence in the trial that followed the last duel in Scotland. Walter Fergus died 11th September 1830, he is buried in Kirkcaldy Churchyard with his wife who died in 1833. Several roads in Kirkcaldy are named for Walter Fergus. The Museum Service has a rather fine portrait of him and as late as 1861 he was well remembered in the town when a number of gentlemen subscribed one hundred guineas to have his bust executed by Miss Amelia Paton. The bust was presented to the Town Council.

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Auktionshaus: Holt's Auctioneers
Titel: Fine Modern & Antique Guns - March 2019
Auktionsdatum: 19.03.2019
Adresse: Holt's Auctioneers