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I Jan Cremer. The Rock Opera, unique collection of documents

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LITERATURE - CREMER, Jan. I Jan Cremer The Rock Opera. Collection: 1. The Synopsis, 26 pp. typescript in spiral binding. Amsterdam, January 1985. Folio. A synopsis and tentative list of songs by Louis Ferron and Lennaert Nijgh. Directed by Frans Marijnen. Based on Cremer's novel I Jan Cremer and Jan Cremer writes again; 2. Scenario Lennaert Nijgh, Haarlem, Tobias Music, 1985. Folio. 97 pp. photocopy: "hou het svp vertrouwelijk!!!" With on almost each page a little stamp with 2 owls (private stamp of Lennaert Nijgh); 3. Publicity file with 3 cards and 2 posters, 21 x 30 cm. and 60 x 40 cm.; 4. 5 Original Polaroid photos of the auditions and 1 colour photo with Jan Cremer with the producers in New York (12.7 x 20.3 cm.). All in one cardboard suit-case with pasted cut out ill. of the cover of 'Ik Jan Cremer'. Artist or Maker: CREMER, Jan. Provenance: René Solleveld, producer of I Jan Cremer The Rock Opera Notes: Unique collection of documents on the stage-version of Cremers masterpiece, directly from the producent.

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