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HUMAN PATHS ON THE MOON – Apollo 11, 12, and 14 Traverses . Defense Mapping Agency for NASA, 1971.

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HUMAN PATHS ON THE MOON – Apollo 11, 12, and 14 Traverses . Defense Mapping Agency for NASA, 1971. Striking graphic illustrations of the paths of the first six human beings who traveled to the Moon, signed by astronauts. INSCRIBED and SIGNED by Buzz ALDRIN: “ First Lunar Landing and Moon Walk, July 20-21, 1969, Buzz Aldrin;” by Alan BEAN: “ Pete and I ran all around this small area of the Ocean of Storms on November 19 & 20 of 1969. Alan Bean, Apollo XII;” and by Edgar MITCHELL: “ The longest 'Moon walk' during the Apollo Program. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14, Feb. 1971. ” Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin kept their exploration within 200 feet of the Eagle . The U.S. Flag and each piece of equipment and experiment’s surface location are shown, as well as the Little West Crater – the last obstacle Armstrong had to fly over before landing. The Apollo 12 traverses show the increased distance covered during the second lunar landing. Conrad and Bean traveled roughly 1,300 feet away from their Lunar Module during two different exploration periods, and visited the Surveyor 3 unmanned spacecraft to remove parts for analysis. The longest traverse was performed by the Apollo 14 crew of Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell during their second surface exploration. They traveled almost a mile from their Lunar Module up the flank of Cone Crater, where they encountered large boulders and steep slopes, making the trek extremely difficult. Lithograph, 29 by 21 inches. Scales vary from 1:250 for Apollo 11, 1:2,500 for Apollo 12 to 1:4,000 for Apollo 14.

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