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HOUGH, ROMEYN BECK. 1857-1924.

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The American Woods, Exhibited by Actual Specimens and with Copious Explanatory Text. Lowville, NY: By the Author, 1894-1928. 14 volumes. 8vo. viii, 79, [1]; viii, 45, [1]; viii, 47, [1]; viii, 46, [1]; viii, 54; viii, 58; viii, 60; viii, 66; viii, 56; viii, 61; viii, 54; viii, 64, [4]; vi, 49; vi, 38 pp. 354 unbound (as issued) plates of mounted sections of wood, illustrating 350 different species of tree. Text in original printed wrappers, each volume and accompanying plates housed in the very rare publisher's half morocco and pebbled cloth slip-cases (vol 1 in the regular full pebbled cloth) with chromed bosses and clasps. Spines of a few slip-cases sunned, a few with slight chipping to head and foot, one clasp detached but present. EXTREMELY RARE COMPLETE SET OF THIS TREMENDOUS WORK ON AMERICAN WOODS IN THE PUBLISHER'S HALF MOROCCO SLIP-CASES, mixed edition, consisting mostly of parts from the first edition, but also including parts from the second and third. Each volume consists of a pamphlet of descriptive text, ordered geographically, and 25-26 plates. The plates consist of three mounted paper-thin slices of wood, showing transverse, radial and tangential sections which can be seen from both sides. The plates are printed with the taxonomic names, as well as the translation into English, French, German, and Spanish. This work represent Hough's greatest achievement, and is invaluable due to the age and range of trees included, some of which are now extinct. A tremendous resource and reference for natural historians, ecologists, woodworkers, antique dealers and anyone else interested in the natural history of American trees. Stafleu & Cowan II p 341.

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