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Auktion: Auction 09.11.1992
wurde versteigert am: 9. November 1992
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GRANT WOOD (1892-1942)

Schätzpreis: 2.000 $ - 3.000 $
Zuschlagspreis:  2.860 $
Los-Nr. 45, Aufrufe: 146

GRANT WOOD (1892-1942) Tree Planting Group (Cole 1) lithograph, 1937, on Rives, signed in pencil, from the edition of 250, with full margins, pale staining showing mostly at the left, bottom and on the reverse, several patches of old glue on the reverse of the margin edges, taped to the overmat at the reverse of the margin corners L. 8 3/8 x 10 7/8in. (213 x 277mm.)

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Christie's
Titel: Auction 09.11.1992
Auktionsdatum: 09.11.1992
Adresse: Christie's
New York, Park Avenue