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Auktion: The Space History Sale
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Numerous Hasselblad 70 mm color transparencies taken during the Gemini 4, Apollo 8, and Apollo 9 missions. The large roll is segmented into strips containing an average of 10 individual Hasselblad frames. Most Apollo images have their associated AS (Apollo Saturn) frame number printed below the film sprocket holes. Over 400 individual frames, all housed in protective sleeves. The Gemini 4 images feature earth terrain photography from magazine 8 and others. Apollo 8 Hasselblad photographs feature earth images from deep space, some with different camera lens filters. Apollo 9 frames include images of the crew members inside the Command Module, astronaut Rusty Schweickart's spacewalk (EVA), orbital views of the Lunar Module, and numerous earth orbital images. Additionally there are S065 Experiment images - Multispectral Terrain Photography. S065 experiment consisted of an array of four Hasselblad cameras with each using a different combination of lens filters and film types.

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Titel: The Space History Sale
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